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25 Years
  • 1990 - First Airless Striper
    The LineLazer makes its debut as the first airless walk behind striper. Parking lot maintenance crews quickly realize the superior line quality versus air spray.
  • 1995 - Tow Behind
    Graco introduces RoadLazer, its patented hydraulic truck-mounted airless striping system. Contractors are now offered a high production solution for a growing striping market.
  • 1998 - SmartControl
    With the introduction of the LineLazer II, the GMax Advantage Drive System and the SmartControl pressure system combine to deliver the most consistent line stripes in the industry.
  • 2001 - Ride On
    LineLazer III delivers the patented QuickSelect gun selector system for easy switching between one and two guns. LineDriver revolutionizes the walk behind striping industry by doubling striping productivity.
  • 2003 - Hydraulic
    LineLazer 200HS delivers the first airless hydraulic line striper with no-stall hydraulic motor system. It quickly becomes the high production solution for parking lot contractors.
  • 2004 - Anti-Vibration
    With the LineLazer IV comes the Advanced Vibration Reduction System, Rear, Gun Mount System, and Smart Control Digital Dashboard to continue its market dominance for airless line striping worldwide.
  • 2004 - Turf
    FieldLazer is introduced as the ultimate sports turf marking system with airless spray technology that delivers brighter, longer lasting lines in a small compact design.
  • 2006 - Auto-Layout
    LineLazer IV revolutionizes parking lot layout with the patent pending Auto-Layout System, eliminating the hassle of manually laying out parking stalls and pre-marking road lines.
  • 2009 - Thermoplastic
    Graco introduces ThermoLazer, the most innovative thermoplastic handliner in the industry. LineLazer-like handling and ability to connect a LineDriver set the new standard for all handliners.
  • 2010 - Scarifier
    GrindLazer is introduced as the first scarifier designed with InstaCut Technology providing unmatched on-the-job productivity. LineDriver compatibility doubles production while eliminating user fatigue.
  • 2011 - Fast Melt
    ThermoLazer ProMelt System by Graco is the world’s first fast melt, on-board handliner. For the first time, it’s possible to melt up to 300 pounds of thermoplastic material in a handliner in less than one hour! This patent pending system will soon become the new industry standard for years to come.
  • 2012 - Flexible Solutions
    With the launch of the RoadLazer II and the option of the Tow Behind System, Graco provides a modular road striping system that offers increased flexibility, portability and versatility for line striping contractors who want to expand their striping business with an affordable solution.
  • 2012 - Self-Propelled
    The LineLazer IV 250SPS is the industry's first stand-on, self-propelled pavement striping unit. This all-in-one unit features an integrated platform to enable stand-on operation for maximum visibility or flips up for walk-behind use.
  • 2013 - Battery Powered
    An industry first, the FieldLazer S90 battery powered high-pressure field marker. Battery powered simplicity is now combined with Graco's professional, paint saving high-pressure technology.
  • 2014 - Two Colors
    The LineLazer IV 250DC rewrites linestriping productivity and flexibility by spraying two colors simultaneously in patterns as wide as 36 inches. It is ideally suited for airports, municipalities, DOTs or anyone who needs to spray highlight lines or other dual-color striping.
  • 2015 - Electric Start
    Further improving the industry leading LineLazer IV 250SPS and 250DC, Graco upgrades the engine to a more powerful electric start engine.
LineLazer 130HS LineLazer 130HS
A workhorse hydraulic airless striper for the most demanding pavement marking jobs
LineLazer 3400 LineLazer 3400
The preferred choice with parking lot and seal coating contractors looking for professional performance in a one-gun machine
LineLazer IV 200HS LineLazer IV 200HS
For medium to large jobs that demand line perfection every time
LineLazer IV 250DC LineLazer IV 250DC
Ideally suited for airports, municipalities, DOTs or anyone who needs to spray highlight lines or other dual-color striping
LineLazer IV 250SPS LineLazer IV 250SPS
The stand-on line striping solution for improved visibility and razor sharp lines
LineLazer IV 3900 LineLazer IV 3900
The preferred choice for a wide variety of pavement marking applications
LineLazer IV 5900 LineLazer IV 5900
The clear leader for 2-gun professional stripers, designed specifically to deliver the most precise and consistent lines in the industry

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