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Sellado de cajas y embalajes 

Sistemas de suministro de materiales termofusibles diseñados para un arranque rápido, menos carbonización y mejora del tiempo de actividad

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Innovative Graco hot melt delivery solutions for case and carton sealing keep you up and running. Less char and less nozzle plugging means you can reduce maintenance downtime. Quick startup times means better productivity. Learn how you can reduce your operating costs and increase your ROI with InvisiPac.

Graco has changed the game for case and carton sealing by breaking free of old technology the industry has built processes (and significant costs) around for years. 

With the InvisiPac Tank-Free Hot Melt System you’ll waste and use far less adhesive. You’ll experience far less downtime. You’ll produce more with a better seal and deliver more profits to your bottom line.

The difference is the technology Graco has created. No tank. Period.