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On 29 February 2012, SMART-DEMO workshop focused on the application by Graco sprayers of high-quality coatings on wooden surfaces.

HVLP 9.5 – pneumatic sprayer, HVLP
FinishPro™ 395 – combined sprayer, air-assisted
EasyMax™ Fine Finish – hand-held airless sprayer

Accessories: nozzles, filters
Materials: by Teknos

Visitors from Teknos provided three widely used and effective materials for wooden surfaces:

  • A Translucent material with a life span of up to 7 years – one of most cost-effective and widely-used coatings in Europe. It includes the preservative Teknol Aqua 1410 and paint Teknol 188.
  • An Opaque material with a life span of up to 15 years – includes primer Teknol 1881 or Teknol 2881 and paint NORDICA EKO 3330.
  • A Translucent material with a life span of up to 15 years – includes preservative Teknol Aqua 1410, primer Aqua Primer 2900-02 and varnish AquaTop 2920-04.

The participants of the workshop who had never used Graco equipment before, quickly remarked that the sprayers were well-suited for such materials. High-productivity of the sprayers enables to perform a large amount of work and keep good quality, which is much higher than manual coating. Graco sprayers make an almost ideal coating of required thickness. Besides, after having tried the Graco machines, the participants noted that these are much easier to use than pneumatic machines. Graco sprayers have a design that enables the operator to hold only a light-weight spray gun, which requires minimum effort, prevents from getting tired, and makes operation easy. When using pneumatic sprayers it is not as comfortable, since the tank with material is rather heavy for the operator to hold.

During the demonstration, the engineers of Smartec’s Technical Center drew special attention to combined sprayers, such as FinishPro. Recently, this technology has become wide spread in wood-processing, furniture industries and others. It has the following advantages over pneumatic spraying:

  • Less material waste thanks to less spraying, which makes the operation conditions healthier;
  • Less extraction ventilation required, since it needs to extract only solvent vapor and some air.

Compared to airless technology, the combined air-assisted sprayer provides a higher quality of coating – not lower than Class 3 in compliance with GOST 9.032–74. Besides, it is possible to adjust the pressure and slightly increase or decrease material consumption as well as adjust spray pattern without changing the nozzle.

As always during demonstration, the Smartec Engineers made detailed comments and recommendations on operation and maintenance of the demonstrated Graco sprayers. At the end of the workshop, the SMARTEC and TEKNOS experts recommended the following:

  • HVLP – to be used for small and medium volumes of work, for fine-finish and decorating jobs.
  • FinishPro – for large amounts of work.
  • EasyMax - used for refurbishment (especially on-site), when the amount of work is very small, and it is a priority to have a portable and easy-to-transport sprayer that doesn’t need connection to power.

The visitors were pleased to test the sprayers on wooden surfaces, and they could evaluate the efficiency of the machines in practice. After the demonstration, the participants took home as trophies the wooden samples they had coated themselves.

If you have any questions, please contact Smartec in Ekaterinburg, Russia via