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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q. Where can I buy Graco equipment, repair parts or obtain service?

A. Graco distributors are your first stop for great technical advice and service. To purchase equipment, parts, or obtain repair of Graco products, visit the Where to Buy page and select "Service" for Dealer Type to locate an authorized Graco service distributor.

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Q. How do I obtain pricing, quotes or information on Graco products?

A. Graco only sells through an authorized distributor network. To locate an authorized Graco dealer, please visit the Where to Buy page.

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Q. Where can I buy a Magnum sprayer, or obtain parts and service for my Magnum sprayer?

A. To purchase a Magnum sprayer: Magnum sprayers can be purchased at a variety of home centers, hardware stores or paint dealers. For more information, visit

A. To obtain Magnum repair parts or service: You can get repair parts or service through one of the many service repair centers. Graco does not sell parts direct. Visit the Where to Buy page, and be sure to select "Service" for Dealer Type. You can also find a servicing distributor near you by calling 1-888-541-9788.

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Q. Does Graco sell direct to end users or on-line?

A. Graco is dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service through our large, knowledgeable and worldwide distributor network. To purchase equipment, parts, or obtain repair of Graco products, please visit the Where to Buy page to find a distributor. You may also contact Graco Customer Service for assistance:

U.S. and Canada:
844-241-9497 for Contractor Equipment
844-241-9500 for Industrial Equipment Division Minnesota
844-241-9501 for Industrial Equipment Division Ohio
844-241-9504 for Lubrication Equipment

Europe:  32-89-770-700
Australia:  61-3-9468-8500
China:  86-21-649-50088
Japan:  81-45-593-7300
Korea:  82-31-476-9400

Inquire about other International locations.

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Q. Looking for Graco baby products?

A. Graco Children's Products is a brand of Newell Rubbermaid, and has no relation to Graco Inc.

Inquiries for Graco Children's Products (swings, strollers, walkers, high chairs, play yards, etc.) should be directed to:

Graco Children's Products Inc.
Attn: Consumer Services
150 Oaklands Boulevard
Exton, PA 19341

Phone: 800-345-4109

Graco Children's Products is a separate and distinct company and is not affiliated with Graco Inc., a manufacturer of fluid handling equipment.

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Product Trouble-Shooting & Application Questions

Q. What could cause a distorted spray pattern?

A. What are the causes and remedies for a distorted spray pattern when spraying with airless equipment?

  1. Pattern surging could be caused by a plugged or excessively worn tip. Clean or replace with a new tip.
  2. Pulsating fluid delivery could be the result of using too large of a tip for the sprayer or using an excessively worn tip. Change to a smaller tip or replace worn tip with a like size new tip.
  3. A shrinking spray pattern could be caused by restricted filters or screens. Remove and clean or replace all filters and inlet screen in the system. Filters can be located in the gun, pump manifold and on the suction tube.
  4. If too many guns or too large of tips are used the pump may not have the capacity to support them. Reduce tip size or the number of guns as needed.
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Q. Why do I get streaks in my spray pattern?

A. Streaks in the spray pattern, especially heavy bands at the outside edge, is an indication of low pressure at the tip. Turn up the pressure control knob until these bands are eliminated. If the sprayer is already at a maximum, you may have to use larger diameter hose or shorten the length of the hose to reduce the pressure drop. Also, make sure any paint filters in the system are clean, because there will be a pressure drop across a restricted or plugged screen.

Sprayers are rated for a maximum tip size. Using a tip that is larger than the recommended maximum size or a tip that is worn larger will cause low pressure. The tip should also be the proper size for the type of material being sprayed.

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Q. Is there a tool to help properly size a pump?

A. Yes. Use our pressure loss calculator tool to help determine how big of a pump you will need at the beginning of the run to get the pressure and flow rate that you will need at the dispense point.

  • The following key pieces of information are needed to help calculate fluid flow rate:
    1. Fluid pressure at the dispense point
    2. Dispense point orifice size or tip size (if used)
    3. Fluid Specific Gravity or weight / gallon
  • The following key pieces of information are needed to help calculate the friction loss in the line:
    1. Fluid flow rate
    2. Hose / Pipe length
    3. Hose / Pipe inside diameter (ID)
    4. Fluid Viscosity in Centipoise (CPS)
    5. Fluid Specific Gravity
    6. Vertical Rise (if applicable)
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