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Commercial Vehicle Finisher Reduces Maintenance and Noise in Mix Room

Product: Endura-Flo 4D150




Industry leader in commercial vehicle finishing 


Endura-Flo 4D150


In order to create enough pressure to push the Axalta white paint/resin through 50 ft lines, this company had to run their Husky 1040 pump at 100 psi. These high levels of air pressure were causing a lot of maintenance issues, and a lot of noise in their paint mixing room. 


The commercial vehicle finishing company wanted to a pump that used less psi, while cutting down on maintenance and noise. With guidance from their local distributor and their Graco Account Manager, they decided to install a Graco Endura-Flo 4D150. 


After a significant amount of time, the company found that the Endura-Flo 4D150 was able to give them more than adequate pressure using only 40 psi. In addition, they incurred little to no maintenance, and found the equipment to be very quiet relative to its Husky counterpart. So impressed with the reduction in noise, they are now testing an Endura-Flo 4D350 to replace their current Glutton 4:1 pumps.