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Product: ProBell Rotary Applicator

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Manufacturers are always looking for ways to increase quality and throughput, while decreasing waste and safety hazards. Automation spray robots, in conjunction with plural component equipment, are becoming a valuable way for factories to save money by conserving resources. Because plural component proportioners mix materials directly prior to application and require very little solvent, they significantly reduce material waste and increase quality. In response to these positive offerings, finishing companies have become increasingly aware of plural component proportioners and automation spray robots as they design a system to meet their needs.

Architectural Profiles Manufacturer 

ProBell Rotary Applicator


In an effort to increase productivity, an industry leader in architectural aluminum products and systems, began researching opportunities to automate their facility. In the past, they have manually mixed and sprayed avionic controls with HVLP cup guns. Painters had to make several passes on each part and rely on painter’s techniques to achieve specific mil requirements. This was timely, inefficient and created greater room for error and potential for inconsistent product output.


Implementing electrostatic technology, like the Probell, ensured the manufacturer delivered more paint on the part and less in the booth filter, and ultimately reduced material consumption and disposal costs. This plug and play solution is great for reciprocating or robot automation, used in a variety of applications, including aluminum extrusions. Graco's high quality Graco ProBell Rotary Applicator provides excellent atomization, resulting in high transfer efficiency to reduce waste and fine particles for uniform coverage. This total package provides the right solution to solve the challenges of the structural extrusions industry.


The manufacturer has noticed significant material and maintenance costs savings with the Graco ProBell: 

  • Material savings with ProBell has been nearly 20 gallons of coating/day (approximately $1,000/day) 
  • Reduced filter & labor costs because they only had to change filters once every 2 weeks vs. 2x/week 
  • Reduced maintenance because ProBell only needed to be serviced 1-2x/year vs 6x/year
  • Large reductions in solvent usage that resulted in positive implications for VOCs and OSHA requirements