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Furniture Company Selects ProMix 2KE to Manage Tough Acid Catalyst Application

Product: ProMix 2KE Acid Catalyst

ProMix 2KE Meter-Based Plural Component Proportioner


CUSTOMER: Wood Furniture Company

GRACO EQUIPMENT: ProMix 2KE Acid Catalyst


A high-end wood furniture company was using a Binks Equalizer to mix Valspar’s ULTRAGUARD® Conversion Varnish. The Equalizer was expensive to operate, had obsoleted parts, leaked, wasn’t acid resistant, plus it had mixing and finishing issues (not drying, sheen difference, etc). The customer used about 5 gallons a day and wanted a mix-on-demand system that could handle the harsh varnish.


With help from their distributor, they selected a ProMix 2KE because it’s designed to manage tough acid catalyst applications used in wood applications. And the corrosion resistance fluid section, as well as the smart fluid plate with 316 and 17-4 SST catalyst sections, can easily handle strong acid catalysts.


The customer has had the ProMix for almost a year and hasn’t spent any time or money on maintenance. The proportioner still looks like new, has no leaks, and is ideal for mixing on-demand. They have also dropped their off-ratio rejects from 2-3% to zero.