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ProMix PD2K Cuts Waste and Increases Finished Product

Product: ProMix PD2K Dual Panel Acid Catalyst

ProMix PD2K

Wood Cabinet Manufacturer

GRACO EQUIPMENT: ProMix PD2K Dual Panel Acid Catalyst


A large kitchen cabinet manufacturer had been using ProMix 2KS’s and ProMix 2KE’s for a long time. Their production line requires up to 25 color changes per shift, running 3 shifts per day. Due to the long length of the mixed material lines, a lot of waste was generated during the color changes - about 75 gallons per day per 2KS unit. A 2 minute and 30 second gap was also left in the line for each color change, resulting in decreased throughput.


The customer selected the ProMix PD2K Dual Panel because they could greatly reduce the amount of waste during color change and have faster color changes. Plus two painters can independently work and manage spray pressure from one unit.


The manufacturer installed 3 dual panel PD2K units. One 6 color, one 8 color, and one 14 color unit, feeding a total of 6 operators. Wasted material has been reduced per unit from 75 gallons per day to 25 gallons per day. Saving the company almost $700k per year. Color change time has been reduced from 2:30 to 1 minute. Allowing them to produce an additional 288 parts per shift, which equals around $23K per day in finished product.