Graco Inc.

Big performance from a small sprayer

A&A Blasting Services Ltd is a locally-run Maltese business which started out specialising in building restoration and, over the years, expanded its activities to include building conservation. In addition to its building restoration and conservation arm, the company also specialises in general sandblasting (which includes steel items), galvanising (zinc metallisation) and spray painting.

Spraying longer and further

Tigné Point, in Malta, is a real estate development of residential, leisure, commercial and retail facilities set in a fully pedestrianized environment on the peninsula of the same name. The Tigné Point contractor appointed A&A Blasting Services Ltd to protect the steel columns and beams of the development’s new 6200m² eleven-floor office building against fire for 120 minutes with fire-resistant plaster. The contractor specified using Monokote MK6/HY with a thickness from 40 to 50mm produced by Grace Fireproofing.

A&A Blasting Services Ltd got in contact with Virtue Steamship in order to find a suitable mortar pump, capable of applying the mixed Monokote plaster. They recommended the Graco ToughTek, as this pump can not only spray the required plaster, but also has high pressure capabilities, allowing it to spray from a further distance.

Easy to manoeuvre

Indeed, the project’s key to success was the unit’s portability and its high-pressure, long-distance spray capability, which meant no longer having to continually move to a closer application point. Engineered with piston pump technology, ToughTek delivers high pressures through long hose lengths, which allows spraying for a longer time and from a further distance, all of which gets the job done much quicker.

By the end of project, 7 tons of material had been applied and the project was completed within 3 months. Thanks to ToughTek, A&A Blasting Services Ltd were able to finish the job one month earlier than expected.