390 PC Cordless

Airless Paint Sprayer

The Most Powerful Cordless Sprayer Ever Built

Delivers the Freedom to Spray Every Job Faster — Anywhere


Introducing the first and only cordless high performance stationary paint sprayer — another exclusive breakthrough from Graco. Designed to deliver all the performance of a corded 390 PC with the freedom from power cords, electrical outlets or generators.

Breakthrough Battery-Powered Performance

390 PC Cordless Spray Technology


Highest Performance Cordless Sprayer Ever Built

  • Spraying at up to 3,300 PSI
  • Delivering up to 0.47 GPM
  • Supporting up to 0.021 in tip
  • Same performance as 390 PC Corded

Dependable Performance with All-Day Spraying Power

  • Spray up to 3 gallons on a single battery charge
  • Two batteries included for all-day spraying
  • Recharge battery in under 60 minutes with included charger

Exclusive Portability Delivers Freedom to Spray Everywhere

  • The lightest weight professional airless paint sprayer
  • Freedom from power cords, electrical outlets or generators
  • Spray every job faster — anywhere

390 PC Cordless

The Most Powerful Cordless Paint Sprayer

Benefits You'll Appreciate On Every Job

  • Setup where you want instead of where the power is available
  • Deliver perfect airless finishes with RAC X Low Pressure SwitchTips
  • Stop wasting time dealing with long extension cords
  • Lightest weight design makes it easier to move and transport
  • Same performance as the 390 Corded model
  • Consistent, all-day spraying power without power fluctuations
  • Eliminate competing for power with other trades
  • Experience quiet jobsites with battery power instead of using noisy generators

The Power & Freedom to Spray Every Application

  • Interiors
  • Doors
  • Soffits
  • Decks
  • Graffiti Abatement
  • Exteriors
  • Trim
  • Facia
  • Fences
  • Remote Locations

 You Choose Your Power Source 

Sprayer Part Number
390 PC Corded, Stand 17C310
390 PC Corded, Hi-Boy 17C313
 NEW  390 PC Cordless, Stand 25T804
 NEW  390 PC Cordless, Hi-Boy 25T805

What Contractors Are Saying


"The 390 PC Cordless has the same pressure & performance as the corded version, its lighter weight and is easier to move around the job, it's a great pump!"

Mike Kaukola
Brushmasters Painting & Drywall
Maple Grove, MN

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