Graco Inc.

Formed-in-Place Gasketing 

Equipment to create liquid gasketing from single-component RTV silicone

Liquid gasketing is a popular, cost-effective way to replace molded, die cut and other types of gaskets in automotive and other applications. One or two-component materials, including urethanes, elastomers and silicones, are used to form a seal that prevents leaking and keeps the outside environment from invading the system. Formed-in-place gasketing is generally accomplished with a single-component RTV (room temperature vulcanizing) silicone.

Precise metering, controlled flow and robotic dispensing are crucial to forming the exact profile required by the application. Gasketing technology from Graco is used in products such as engine control modules, transmission cases, medical devices, air and fluid filters, avionics and extreme use electronics. Learn more.