Dispensado de adhesivo automático

Graco automated adhesive dispense systems deliver the precision and accuracy needed for today’s small electronics manufacturing and assembly processes. Whether the application is bonding, sealing, gasketing, potting or encapsulation, proven Graco automated dispense technologies provide unmatched reliability and durability. Flexible designs and equipment sizes adapt easily as materials and parts change to ultimately streamline your processes and improve productivity.

Consistent Dispensing – Every Time

Increase Confidence & Profitability

Increased Confidence

With intuitive user interfaces and proprietary software, Graco advanced technologies eliminate guesswork to make sure you hit a specific volume, pattern and dispense ratio for 2K materials - the first time and every time. Simple set-up and operation is made easier for non-technical operators so you can be confident with the consistency and quality of your final product.

Scalability to Improve Efficiencies

Graco automated sealant dispense systems are scalable to meet the unique specifications of your fluid dispensing processes. Graco systems allow you to access and download process data for further analysis to continually refine your process, improve efficiencies and increase profitability.

Tackle Tough Jobs

Graco automated sealant dispense systems include the rugged equipment designed to facilitate fast, accurate dispense of tough-to-move materials. Modular pump designs to help reduce maintenance costs while improving uptime and throughput.


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