Graco Inc.

Contractor Truck Tour - Latvia

Bringing the latest spraying technology to you

Wo: Various locations


Visit our GRACO TRUCK and find out how easy and cost effective paint and texture spraying really is. Experience the benefits of this technology yourself in real live tests on different types of machines. 

  • Meet the experts
  • Test the sprayers yourself
  • Expand your knowledge and skills



Date: Name: Address: Zip code: City: Tel: Email:
26-06 SIA  Tikkurila Krūzes iela 23k-3 LV 1046 Riga 37129451534
27-06 SIA  Tikkurila Katlakalna iela 6 LV 1073 Riga 37129451534
28-06 SIA  Velve MS Tehnoloģijas Uriekstes  iela  3 LV 1005 Riga 37129221049 


Events start at 10:00 and end at 14:00