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Graco introduces 3 new product ranges!

Mark VII max 200

Available now!

New Mark Max™ Platinum:

Today, we present a complete range with MARK V MAX, MARK VII MAX and MARK X MAX, offering you MAX performance to complete all your large painting jobs . These multiple purpose units spray paints, fire retardants and airless plasters. All the Platinum features FastFlush™, E-Control™ and HoseReel™ are available on the Mark V Max Platinum & Mark VII Max Platinum.

New DUTYMAX™ Series:

Graco offers a new line of hydraulic sprayers: DUTYMAX. These units support hose lengths up to 90m and are perfect for buildings difficult to access. Their design has been optimized to spraypaints, airless plasters and heavy duty coatings. With the ability to replace the pump lower and to convert between electric or gas power without tools, you have the most versatile hydraulic sprayer on the market today.

NEW Ultra®Max II Platinum:

The Ultra® Max family is Graco’s most popular electric airless paint sprayer for professionals! It’s your most reliable machine for renovations, new constructions, commercial and residential buildings, exterior facades and new housing projects. It handles most common tip sizes and heavier coatings with ease.

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Limited Edition:

Graco asked master painter Lenni Schwartz to airbrush an American flag on a limited quantity of Mark VII Max Platinum sprayers. Every single air-brushed sprayer is a real piece of art. Like a professional painting, the Mark VII Max Platinum is also signed, numbered by the artist and is accompanied by a certificate certifying that it is an original Lenni Schwartz. Painting and plastering contractors can register online, answer 3 simple questions and win their very own limited edition Mark VII Max Platinum unit (220V).