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Environmental, social & governance

Environmental, social and governance at Graco

At Graco, we are dedicated to doing the right thing – always. We use our resources wisely to minimise our impact on the environment. We contribute to the wellbeing of our employees and our communities. And, we are deeply committed to operating with integrity and in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

We recognise that our business impacts a broad range of stakeholders, each of which we also depend upon. We thrive when our customers, our employees, our communities and our planet thrives. 

Letter from the CEO

"Graco’s employees work together to design and manufacture best-in-class products that meet our customers’ needs, strengthen our company and enable us to have a positive impact on our communities. With nearly a hundred-year track record, we continue to drive towards a mutually beneficial long-term future for all our stakeholders."

Graco’s 2021 ESG focus

For nearly a hundred years, understanding the unique needs of our customers, investors, employees and communities has been a key driver of Graco’s success. To deepen and expand this understanding, we completed our first ESG-focused materiality assessment, aimed at identifying the most pressing issues for our stakeholders and our business overall. The findings are helping us prioritise both our reporting and disclosure on ESG topics, as well as the actions we take moving forward. This report includes information on a range of priority topics determined by the materiality assessment, categorized into four categories:


Making products that matter

Graco products are engineered to help our end users move, measure, mix, control, dispense and spray everything from peanut butter and oil to paint and glue. As we have for nearly 100 years, we continually look for ways to innovate, improve and expand our product lines to offer better solutions for our customers.

Protecting the environment

We manage our business in a way that conserves natural resources and protects the environment. This is consistent with our focus on fact-based, long-term decision-making. As a result, operating efficiently and continually working to minimise the energy we use—and the related GHG emissions—is a key focus for Graco. Doing so has helped drive our success for nearly a century.

Putting people first

Graco’s employees work hard every day to deliver on our commitment to making high-quality, industry-leading products and services. Our success depends on our people partnering to provide innovative solutions to our customers. Our focus is on continuous improvement and growth for our company and for our team members.

Operating with integrity

Graco’s strong governance is core to our success. We believe that we best serve all of our stakeholders by operating our business with ethics and integrity. This approach is embedded within our culture and our values. We are committed to consistently operating in compliance with all applicable local, national and international laws governing our business operations.


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Graco is committed to conducting its business with the highest standards of ethics & integrity.

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Brand promise

Since 1926, innovation, quality and A+ service have been at the centre of Graco.

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