Industrial Lubrication Systems

Graco has been designing and building leading-edge lubrication equipment and systems that serve the in-plant manufacturing industry for decades. Our latest generation of automatic lubrication equipment is the result of years of collaboration with our customers and partners to engineer high-quality, reliable systems that stand above the rest.

The Industry Leader in Lubrication Equipment

From the first air-powered grease guns in 1926 to today’s gold standard in lubrication pumps, Graco is the industry leader in lubrication solutions.

All Industrial Lubrication Systems & Equipment

Explore our range of lubrication equipment which includes automatic lubrication and fluid handling systems — for in-plant manufacturing applications.

A+ Customer Service

No matter your question or challenge, we always have your back with industry-leading customer service and technical support.

The Convergence of Innovation, Quality & A+ Service

Through continuous innovation by Graco engineers and our obsession with build-quality and industry-leading customer service, we aim to provide you with the most exceptional portfolio of lubrication products and solutions you’ll find anywhere.

A Culture of Innovation & Quality

An innovation in lubrication is what launched Graco, Inc. decades ago and it’s our innovative products and quality-focus that still sustains us today. Experience 90 years of lubrication system innovations.

Invest in Graco A+ Service for Best-in-Class Support

When you invest in lubrication equipment, you’re investing in quality and durability. That’s why we’ve built a world-class service organisation to immediately address and fix your lubrication equipment issues if they arise. If you need us, we have your back.