Whether it is engine gasketing or fluid transfer, Graco has a solution that will meet the highest standards for powertrain applications.

Bonding & gasketing

By using robotic arms to apply form-in-place compression gaskets, Graco systems provide an alternative to manual application. This cure-in-place method provides a low-cost method of gasketing through lowered labour needs and offers design flexibility, fewer quality defects, and little to no wasted material as one would normally find with legacy die cut gaskets. Other benefits include:

  • Improve productivity
  • Fully automated gasket dispensing
  • Reduction in material costs
  • Superior flexibility & positioning tolerances
  • Eliminates an unnecessary gasket inventory

Graco powertrain gasketing systems are engineered for precise metering and controlled flow creating the exact profile required by a number of powertrain gasketing applications.

Oil & fluid dispense

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