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With today’s advanced vehicle designs, where durability, performance, and safety are vital, OEMs and tiered suppliers are relying on Graco dispensing solutions for Body-in-White (BIW) applications.

Meter From Drum technology

The E-Flo iQ metering & dispensing system

For Body-In-White adhesive dispensing applications, the new E-Flo iQ metering & dispensing system delivers sustained in-plant performance, lowers maintenance costs, and drastically reduces system complexity, all without the need of an external metering device. 

Structural bonding

Adhesives for structural bonding are used independently or used in conjunction with spot welds to strengthen and stiffen multi-material designs while improving the safety and durability of the body. Applied as a continuous bead along weld flanges, structural adhesive reinforces the overall body and alleviates stress at each spot weld.

The critical design requirements for automotive body-in-white structural bonding depend on accurate and consistent beads along with assured system performance. Our structural adhesive dispensing solutions provide reliable performance where you need it most.  


In hem flange bonding, panels are bonded together by bending the edge of one sheet over the edge of another to create automotive closure assemblies. Hemming closures consist of a thin panel with a second or third member bonded to form a single panel that is stiffer, more noise-resistant, more vibration resistant, and more impact-resistant than the original panel. Bonding two thinner panels can also offer considerable weight savings over a single, thick panel.

To properly adhere to and seal the panels, epoxy adhesives, often filled with glass beads, are used to create a consistent thickness between the panels. These materials are commonly dispensed in a traditional bead or applied by a swirling applicator to create consistent material distribution.

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