Liquid Silicone Rubber Metering Systems

Graco Fluid Automation offers a complete line of metering systems for industrial applications involving two-component Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) materials. Engineered to the highest standards, Graco advanced dispensing technologies deliver accurate, on-ratio dispense of LSR materials – even with customisable mixing capability. Our solutions accurately process a variety of LSR material volumes and ratio specifications - every application, every time.

Accurate, On-ratio Dispensing

Material Savings

Technology That Boosts Productivity

Improve LSR Production Efficiency

Graco Fluid Automation’s extensive LSR experience results in equipment that is engineered to reduce cleaning downtime and increase production efficiency. Common challenges such as pressure drops, thread galling and lengthy material change over times are greatly reduced.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Graco LSR metering systems incorporate pumps that can be rebuilt at your facility to eliminate costly external rebuilds and backup pumps. Modular designs to help reduce maintenance costs while improving uptime and throughput.

Increased Confidence

Graco Fluid Automation advanced technologies eliminate guesswork to make sure you hit a specific ratio and volume the first time and every time. Prominent visual indicators confirm on-ratio dispense so you can be confident with the consistency and quality of your final product.


Graco Fluid Automation systems are engineered to meet the needs for manufacturing liquid silicone rubber products, where precision is critical to ensure optimum quality and minimal waste.


Graco’s Mix Stack Mixer is designed to improve your LSR production efficiency by reducing maintenance and cleaning downtime and increasing your production.

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