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Whether your contractor business focuses on interior residential painting, or large scale commercial drywall and texture applications, Graco provides you with resources for all of your interior needs.

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When a lighter and smaller airless spray gun is indispensable

After suffering a serious head injury and multiple fractures, Xavier Molina from Molina Pintors thought he would never be able to spray again. And then he discovered the Graco Contractor PC Compact gun.

The Basics

What are the 4 quality or Q levels in drywall finishing?

Depending on the ultimate surface decoration, one of the four quality levels for drywall finishing applies.

The Basics

Thorough maintenance extends the service life of your appliance

Graco appliances can easily last years. Some painters even use the same equipment for decades. There is one condition, though: it’s all down to maintenance. With the help of a Service Partner, you can sleep soundly at night for many years, who knows, even decades …

Success Stories

The Graco Electric Airless Sprayer changed my life!

Painter and decorator Faisal Ali recently switched from traditional brushes and rollers to the Graco Ultra Max II 695 ProContractor Series Electric Airless Sprayer. Here he explains the reasons for his switch and the revolution that it brought about.


The benefits of the PowerFill cordless loading pump

Key features and benefits of the unique PowerFill cordless loading pump.

Success Stories

Testimonial: "cordless tools make the work more pleasant"

René de Waal, the owner of the painting company de Waal en Molenschot, answers the question "What do professionals like you think about the battery-powered paint sprayers?"