Continuous Flow System (CFS)

A robust integrated system that makes taping and finishing much easier for high volume drywall contractors who want to substantially boost their productivity.

Save time & work easier

The CFS pump saves you time:

  • You’ll work up to 75% faster than a manual finisher
  • The built-in pump drives compound twice as fast as an average pump
  • You will spend significantly less time stopping to reload
  • Sealing the airtight hopper at the end of the workday means less intermediate cleaning time
Reducing fatigue & injuries
make Work easier

The CFS pump substantially improves ergonomics:

  • Less reloading means less operational handling so less fatigue
  • When using a specific taper, the compound flow pressure can be controlled wirelessly while finishing without stopping to adjust pressure manually
  • Less site cleaning due to the no oozing system
Raise your profits

Boost your business as you finish more while cutting costs:

  • Reduce labor hours: Spend more time on non-stop finishing and waste less time on reloading, cleaning up, adjusting the pump, or taking necessary breaks
  • Use less material: You have less waste thanks to the no oozing system and the overnight compound storage hopper
  • Do larger or more jobs: Controlling costs and time brings opportunities to take on more and larger projects

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