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Once a protective coating, epoxy or polyurea has been specified, the next step is finding the right sprayer for that material and job. Graco manufactures corrosion protection sprayers and polyurea spray equipment that will help you get the job done quickly and on-budget.

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The Basics

Why hotpotting isn’t as fast and inexpensive as you might think

Hotpotting or manual mixing is perceived as a fast and inexpensive method of mixing two components. But in the long term it’s neither.

The Basics

Three reasons to move from hotpotting to a plural-component machine

Discover the benefits of Graco’s XP and XM line of sprayers when you switch from hotpotting to a plural-component machine.

The Basics

The Graco approach to passive fire protection

In passive fire protection (PFP), proper coating of structural components is key to providing fire resistance.

The Basics

The fully ATEX approved PFP sprayer for hazardous environments

When you’re applying fireproofing materials in hazardous environments, it is critical that your application equipment is designed properly.

The Basics

The environmentally-friendly alternative to hotpotting

An inherent disadvantage of hotpotting is that it requires large amounts of clean-up solvent. Is it time to clean up your act?

The Basics

The benefits of data collection when spraying fireproofing

The combination of smart electronics and high-performance components results in the high-quality application of high-performance fireproofing products.

The Basics

How to reduce rework when spraying fireproofing

Graco’s XM PFP technology is used worldwide to mix and spray intumescent coatings

The Basics

How to avoid hotpotting inconsistency issues

Frustrated at getting inconsistent spray performance after manually mixing two components? There’s an easy solution …

The Basics

Hotpotting: Are you throwing money away?

Mixing two components manually via “hotpotting” could be wasting significant amount of money. What’s a more cost-effective alternative?

The Basics

A closer look at Graco’s XP Plural-Component Sprayers

What’s the difference between the standard airless and the high-flow (hf) airless versions?

Success Stories

How to save paint and solvent

By using Graco’s XM plural-component sprayers to paint its steel wind turbine towers, a Spanish manufacturer made significant savings in both paint and solvent.

Success Stories

Coating a ship’s steel hull

Lagomarsino Anielli selects Graco XPs-hf Plural-Component Sprayers to do the job.

Success Stories

Sealing a swimming pool

A Graco proportioner and Fusion PC spray guns were essential tools to seal a leaking swimming pool in the Polish town of Wisła

Success Stories

How to recoat a swimming pool with Polyurea

Saudi Jomana and AEMCO recently joined forces to recoat a leaking swimming pool, using polyurea and Graco’s Reactor 2 E-XP2.

Success Stories

Moving from pneumatic to electric

A clear explanation of the benefits of using the King-E electric airless sprayer persuaded a steelwork contractor to switch from pneumatic to electric sprayers.

Success Stories

Graco equipment helps to waterproof LEGOLAND Dubai

Graco equipment was used to prepare the surface and then spray a number of different coatings on 22,000 square meters of concrete in a new theme park in Dubai

The Basics

Application video of the XP70 HF Skid

The XPs-hf system combines the XP Sprayers with the powerful XL 10000 air motor.

Success Stories

Waterproofing warehouse to protect material against rain and heat

Learn how Jomana and Graco worked together on waterproofing a warehouse to protect the material against rain and heat.

Equipment Selection

How to Select an Airless Sprayer for Industrial Coatings

Equipment selection is critical to the successful application of industrial coatings - understand what you need to consider when choosing an airless sprayer.

The Basics

Why ATEX approval of the complete fireproofing system is vital

Designed for the application of epoxy intumescent fire protection coatings, the Graco XM PFP is the first and only system that is ATEX and IECEx certified for use in explosive atmospheres; it is rated for both electrical and mechanical construction.