Which filters and guard fit your airless spray tip?

Discover what pump filter, gun filter and guard you need for a specific airless spray tip.

For optimal spraying result you need to combine your airless spray tip with the right guard and filters. Discover what is needed for your application.

Choosing the right filters and guard is as important as choosing the right spray tip. Follow our advice and you’re good to go!

Pick the right pump and gun filter for trouble-free spraying

We advise using filters even when the material you want to spray has been strained. Using gun and pump filters prevents any contiminations from dust, paint skin or manufacturing particles to block your sprayer, restrict the flow rate or reduce the quality of your finishing.

But what filters should you use? The thinner the material, the finer the filter mesh needs to be. Look into the table below to check what mesh sizes your tip needs. Always choose the same mesh size for the pump and gun filter.

Gun filters

Choose the right spray tip guard

Using a spray tip guard helps to eliminate paint build-up, dripping and spitting. It also makes spraying at high pressure safer. Its finger grip design makes it easy to attach or remove without the need for tools. However, do you need a blue, a grey or an orange guard? It’s easy. Use a blue RAC X guard for all tip colours, except for the grey XHD tips, which require a grey guard, and the yellow line marking tips, which require the orange LineLazer guard

FFLP tip
LP tip
PAA tip
HDA tip
XHD tip