Airless Paint Sprayer Accessories

Graco’s complete line of accessories will help you finish jobs faster and deliver the best results for your customers. From extended reach tools to high volume rolling solutions to additional tips and hoses, genuine Graco accessories will help improve your efficiency and increase your profits.

Accessories Help You Finish Jobs Faster


The airless spray gun is the physical connection between you and a quality finish. Graco airless spray guns are recognised as the industry standard for quality, durability and performance – delivering a comfortable spraying experience and a perfect finish on every job.


Graco tip extensions and extended reach tools help reduce the need for ladders or scaffolding when spraying high walls, ceilings and other hard to reach areas. With a pole gun or the right tip extension length, you can complete the job faster with less set-up time.


Make sure to use genuine Graco filters and strainers in your sprayers and guns to maximise spray performance, extend the life of your equipment and get the quality finish you want, every time.


Graco makes it easy to get spraying quickly with our Gun and Hose Kits. These kits combine our most popular gun and hose combinations into economical packages so it’s easy to keep a spare kit ready for larger jobs where dual gun applications are required.


Graco Gun Adapters & Fittings provide flexibility to address unforeseen equipment needs on the jobsite — including adapters that address different thread sizes, adding more filtration or providing freer gun movement between the gun and hose.


Graco hoppers connect directly to airless sprayers to boost your productivity by minimising clean-up while being easy to move around the job site.


Graco Hose Fittings provide the same quality and performance when coupling hoses together as our industry-proven sprayers and other equipment so you can spray confidently on every job.


Genuine Graco hoses are factory-tested and meet the highest safety standards. While providing the ability to support multiple guns, additional hose lengths allow you to keep your sprayer in one place — saving you valuable time to finish large jobs faster.


Genuine Graco lids, liners plugs and containers help keep materials fresh and flowing properly to your Graco handheld sprayer. Keep an extra system handy to make switching between colours or materials quick and easy and clean-up simple.


Extend the life of your sprayer by using the right maintenance fluids. TSL keeps paint from drying on pump components. Pump Armor prevents corrosion and ensures easy start-up when your sprayer is not in use to maximise your investment.


To keep your jobs moving and on schedule, always make sure you have a Genuine Graco replacement pump on hand. Graco pumps are easy to replace and often can be swapped out in just a few minutes, with no special tools.


Graco rolling systems help you finish faster while eliminating messy roller trays and screens. The JetRoller combines spraying and back rolling in one convenient accessory to finish jobs 4X faster. Pressure Rollers let you keep rolling and achieve a quality finish in less time with no overspray.


Even though it is only a small part of your sprayer, the tip is of critical importance. Choosing the right airless spray tip and guard determines the quality of your finish and saves you valuable time and money.


Genuine Graco Whip Hoses provide more flexibility and increased operator control at the gun. These hoses are especially beneficial on large jobs when spraying for long periods of time to help reduce fatigue and provide a quality finish over the course of the entire job.

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