Choose the optimal tip or nozzle for your Graco T-MAX sprayer

Check the table for best matching tips or nozzles for Graco’s T-MAX sprayers.

Our T-MAX sprayers come with all accessories, so you can get started immediately. The delivered tip and/or nozzle fit most purposes. But how to check what other tips or nozzles might be suited for the specific spray thickness of aggregate you have in mind? Check out the tip table.

All Graco spray systems come with one or two spray tips and/or nozzles. These accessories match with the most common applications. Stil, what if you are looking for a different fan width, you want to achieve another thickness or have another aggregate in mind? It might also be your tip is worn and you want to check what tip to replace it with?

Look into our table and find out which tips we recommend for T-MAX airless and air-assisted sprayers.

Choose the right tip