An introduction to Graco airless spray tips

Understanding Graco airless spray tips is all about colours and codes. Dive in to this comprehensive introduction.

A bit puzzled by the many airless spray tips Graco offers for all possible applications?

Graco spray tips come in many colours, types and sizes, so there is a perfect spray tip for any application you have in mind. Look into our overview to make sure you find the perfect spray tip for the job you have in mind.

What does a tip colour and three-digit code tell you? 
Graco uses a colour-coding system and three-digit codes to distinguish tip types. Colours tell you what application the tip is most suited for. Three-digit codes are all about the amount of material you spray at what fan width. Beware! It is the combination of colour and three-digit code that tells you what tip to choose.

  • Colour
    Looking at the colour of a tip, you know what application it is preferably used for.
    • Green tips are meant for spraying fine finish applications with thin material (such as varnish, laquers, stain) at the lowest pressure.
    • Neon tips are suited for every interior and exterior paint job. They offer high productivity at the lowest pressure.
    • Blue tips are meant for wall painting and spraying in general. Like neon tips, they offer high productivity and are suited for latex, paints and emulsions.
    • Brown tips are the heavy duty tips meant for plastering and less fluid materials.
    • Grey tips are heavy duty tips for protective coatings sprayed at up to 500 bar.
    • Yellow tips are specifically meant for line marking applications.
  • Three-digit code
    The three-digit code printed on every tip stands for the fan width as well as the orifice of the tip. 
    • The first digit of the code, when multiplied by 5, tells you the fan width of the tip in cm when sprayed at a distance of 30 cm from the surface.
    • The second two digits are the orifice size of the tip, in thousandths of an inch, and determines how much fluid will leave the spray tip. 
Tip explanation

The fan width (first digit x 5 = fan width in cm) and orifice size (two last digits / 1000 = 0.0XX) combined determine how thick of a coating you’ll spray. For example, a 515 tip will spray a 25 cm wide fan and have a 0.015 inch orifice. For more details on colours and codes, check our ‘Crack the code’ infographic.


All airless spray tip are reversible for easy cleaning (RAC)

RAC is short for Reverse-and-Clean, and it’s a feature all Graco airless spray tips have. They allow for easy cleaning and declogging by simply turning the tip 180 degrees to the clean position and then trigger the sprayer. Thanks to their innovative design, RAC tips can be quickly replaced without removing the tip guard and housing. 

FFLP tip

Fine Finish Low Pressure
Green tips with an FFLP code on their handle are Fine Finish Low Pressure tips. Using these tips you can spray fine finish paints at up to half of the usual pressure. This results in consistent, blended finish quality with complete atomisation. Note that FFLP tip numbers are always even.

LP tip

Low Pressure
Neon tips are the newest tips Graco offers. They are as versatile as the existing (blue) tips for general painting and high production jobs, but work at up to half the usual pressure, giving you better control, less overspray and longer tip life. LP tips create a softer, feathered spray pattern for a perfect airless finish.

WRLP tip

Wide RAC Low Pressure
Neon tips are available in a WR version, standing for Wide RAC. WRLP tips combine spraying at half the usual pressure with a 60 cm fan pattern, allowing you to finish the job in half the time.

PAA tip

Professional Airless Applications
Blue tips have PAA printed on their handle, which stands for Professional Airless Applications. These tips provide high productivity for commercial and industrial paint jobs, both interior and exterior.

WR tip

Wide RAC
Like neon tips, blue tips can have a WR code. These tips are meant for larger sprayers, in higher production applications. They create an extra-wide fan pattern (60 cm), allowing you to finish the job in half the time.

HDA tip

Heavy Duty Applications
All brown tips come with a HDA code standing for Heavy Duty Applications. They are designed for spraying heavy coatings that require higher pressures to atomise.

XHD tip

Xtreme Heavy Duty
Grey tips have an XHD letter code printed on the handle. They are specifically designed for protective coatings that can be sprayed at up to 500 bar.

LL5 tip

All yellow tips have LL5 as extra code, standing for LineLazer, referring to the LineLazer sprayers. Unlike standard tips that are designed for an overlapping spray technique, the yellow tips create clean lazer sharp edge lines, typically needed for line striping and field marking.

Graco spray tip seals and gaskets

All Graco RAC spray tips come with one or two sets of gaskets and seals. A rubber set  and sometimes a yellow set meant for spraying solvent-based materials. Tip seals are essential as they create a main seal between the sprayer gun, tip, and tip guard, and prevents paint from leaking while spraying. Gaskets are essential as they help to keep the tip in place.

Looking for the perfect tip for your application?

When you buy a Graco sprayer it comes with one or more spray tips, so you can get started straight away. But even though you maintain it well, at some point the tip will wear. You could replace it with the same tip, but maybe your specific application is better served with another tip orifice or fan width. So it’s important to understand how to choose the right one.