The Graco approach to passive fire protection

Intumescent coatings help extend evacuation time, but demand reliable equipment capable of handling viscous, fibrous materials and regulating flows precisely. Smart equipment can apply these coatings with the required levels of quality, consistency and efficiency.


In passive fire protection (PFP), proper coating of structural components is key to providing fire resistance. Fireproofing coatings insulate structural frameworks from high temperatures and provide time for evacuating a facility. In particular, epoxy intumescent fireproofing, which expands and chars when heated, has proven effective in slowing the heat transfer to structural members and extending evacuation time when compared with other methods.

Epoxy intumescent fireproofing materials are typically highly viscous – often 100% solids – and require plural-component equipment to mix component materials prior to application. Modern PFP equipment provides precise controls and monitoring to help apply coatings properly and improve contractors’ efficiency. With a “smart” machine, contractors can handle multiple material ratios and apply a variety of coating materials more consistently and simply than with traditional equipment.

Graco’s XM PFP Epoxy Intumescent Fireproofing Sprayer provides the following key advantages:

Weight-based operation mode for fast, easy ratio assurance

The XM PFP takes the guesswork out of ratio assurance. That’s because you set the ratio by weight and check it by weight as well. A simple calibration process programs the machine for the specific materials being used. The machine sprays and displays the true weight ratio of the material as the chemical manufacturer intended. The XM PFP’s precise metering method is impervious to changes in material compressibility – no more tank pressure or temperature tweaking for accurate weight checks.

Save time with fast ratio checks – less than 90 seconds

Once the machine is calibrated, you can run repeatable test samples regardless of changes in tank pressures or temperatures and pass ratio checks every time. This process is fast and can be completed in 90 seconds or less, giving you more uptime and improving productivity.

Consistent temperature control

The XM PFP Sprayer maintains temperature set points of the hose and materials – no more heater adjustments and no more material charring due to overheating. Closed-loop technology adjusts the heaters to achieve optimum spray performance in the most extreme conditions.

Easy user controls

The intuitive user interface provides two display modes: “setup” for entering parameters and a “run” mode for operation. The user interface monitors and tracks mix ratio, pressure, temperatures and flow, and allows you to program maintenance schedules. The controls shut down the system if off-ratio conditions exist. The user interface also lets you track fluid supply and spray parameters:

  • Monitor the temperature of supply tanks, fluid heaters and hose heat
  • Set temperatures for A and B materials and hose
  • Set and monitor tank levels, turn automatic tank filling on and off.

Data reporting - for confidence the job was done right

Project data such as spray pressures, temperatures, actual ratio, and total flow output can be downloaded onto a flash drive. With this data, you can verify that materials were sprayed at the proper ratio and at the requirements set by the coatings manufacturer.

To discover how the Graco XM PFP Sprayer can meet your specific application requirements, fill in the contact form and plan a discussion with our specialist.

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