Industry solutions

Industrial equipment maintenance solutions and industrial lubricant systems for always-on productivity, profitability and safety

Minimise downtime and realize increased profitability

Production line breakdowns due to poor or mishandled industrial equipment maintenance mean downtime and lost revenue. Graco helps you minimise industrial machine repair and maintenance to increase your uptime, productivity and profitability.

Mitigate safety risks and reduce manual maintenance

Safety is a driving force in high-risk industrial operations. Our industrial maintenance solutions help you create a safer work environment while driving efficiency throughout your factory.

Gain confidence working with a reliable, customer-first supplier

Labour shortages, supply chain issues and poor customer service create added headaches for industrial operations. Our A+ customer service and consultative approach simplify everyday tasks and offer peace of mind so you can focus on the work.

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Explore our industrial innovations

Graco offers industry-leading solutions, developed from our unparalleled investment in engineering and technology innovation. When it comes to industrial equipment maintenance and other equipment for your factory floor, trust proven Graco solutions.

Roll around drums Roll around drums Roll around drums

Roll around drums

  • Dispense fluids anywhere in your facility
  • Electric and hydraulic pumps available to meet your specific requirements
  • Pre-made kits designed for easy ordering
Reels Reels Reels


  • Solutions to handle any industrial need - including electric, light, fluid and air
  • Hose, light and cord lengths up to 150 feet ensures accessibility where needed
  • Manufactured with heavy-duty steel for durability and longevity
Bulk fluid pumps Bulk fluid pumps Bulk fluid pumps

Bulk fluid pumps

  • Fewer moving parts means less downtime and low repair costs
  • Multiple pumps to meet your needs for low, medium or high volume applications
  • Industry-leading performance, reliability and durability
Evacuation pumps Evacuation pumps Evacuation pumps

Evacuation pumps

  • Drain, evacuate and transfer fluids efficiently and quickly
  • Systems designed to handle all petroleum and synthetic based oils, water, antifreeze and fuel
  • No interior seals ideal for evacuation applications containing particulates
Automatic lubrication Automatic lubrication Automatic lubrication
G3 Max

Automatic lubrication

  • Industry-leading solutions for lubricating industrial machines
  • Lubricate any type of machine, from CNC machines to conveyors
  • Reduces PM maintenance and labour requirements, minimises machine downtime for service

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Automatic lubrication solutions

Graco understands you might have tried automatic lubrication in the past. We want to help you move forward with industry-leading automatic lubrication solutions and a partner you can trust. Our automatic lubrication solutions work on any factory machine that requires grease lubrication – milling machines, metal lathes, drilling machines, grinding machines, planer machines, just to name a few.


Additional solutions

Our solutions are ideal for moving bulk fluids fast and help drive sustainability goals forward by reducing waste and optimising material usage, in addition to our air, light and electric offerings.

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Custom solutions

Custom solutions

Contact Graco and tell us about the challenges you face in your facility. We offer a free site analysis and can recommend and build a solution specific to your needs.

Find a distributor

Find a distributor

Find a resource near you from our network of authorised distributors. Graco works closely with our distributors—providing extensive training and expertise—to ensure we are always able to meet your unique needs.