Open Gear Spray Lubrication

Use Graco Spray Lubrication Systems in highly challenging environments to enhance uptime, improve productivity and reduce maintenance costs.

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Modular easy-to-spec system

The Graco Spray Lubrication system consists of two kits: Pump kit and Spray kit. Just tell us your gear width, and whether you want to use your PLC or Graco GLC X Controller to control the Open Gear Spray System.

Impressive ROI

Recoup your investment quickly - even within one month. An inoperable piece of equipment can grind your entire operation to a halt while you wait for repairs. Inadequate lubrication can also significantly diminish the lifespan of equipment. With some machinery costing hundreds of thousands of euros or more, shouldn't you do everything you can to extend its longevity?

Optimal spray pattern

The Graco Spray Lubrication System ensures that gears are adequately lubricated, which reduces friction and wear. In addition, an optimal spray pattern helps to prevent the accumulation of excess lubricant, which can attract and retain debris, potentially causing damage to the gears.

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Why the Graco Spray Lubrication System excels

In the first place, an optimal spray lubrication system relies on excellent spraying capacities. At Graco, we have mastered the art of spraying in an industrial setting in all kinds of applications and for all spraying materials and conditions. This is why we are the market leader when it comes to spraying high viscosity liquids such as lubricants.

On top of that we know how to integrate spraying components in an overall flawless spraying system, fit for any industrial process or setting.

Modular solution - Key features



Electric, work smoothly with high pumpability at low temperatures, adjustable of Amp and pump speed

Pneumatic, heavy-duty, 7-year-warranty

Pneumatic elevator drum (optional)


Metering divider valves

Built-in durability (zinc-iron plating stands up to harsh environments)

Output to meet your needs (0.2 cc per stroke output) and to dispense the exact amount

Easy to extend, connect and install



IP69K outdoor rated

Real-time system reporting (Data log), smart device and mobile App

Work with interval, precise and regular lube event


Spray gun

Unique spray pattern. No over-spraying thanks to self-sealing air valve action


Proximity switch

Magnetically-operated sensing devices for sending system data to the controller or PLC.

Open Gear Spray Lubrication packages

Pump kit
Pump kit

Choose whether you want a pneumatic or electric pump, and if you want to control the spray system with the help of the Graco GLC X Controller or your own PLC.

Pump kit components: 
  • Pneumatic Fire-Ball 300 50:1 or Electric Dyna-Star Pump
  • GLC X Controller or PLC adapted kit
  • Hoses and fittings
  • Other accessories for a successful installation
Part Number Part Description
Pump Kit; Pneumatic
Pump Kit; Pneumatic, PLC
Pump Kit; Electric
Pump Kit; Electric, PLC
241663 Drum Elevator
Spray kit

Just tell us the gear width and we will inform you how many spray guns are required to lubricate your open gear. PerformAA Spray Guns are very flexible; with up to three Spray Guns we can cover gear widths from 150 mm to 950 mm.

Spray kit components: 
  • CSP Divider Valve with Proximity Switch
  • Air-Assisted PerformAA Spray Guns
  • Hoses and fittings
  • Other accessories for a successful installation
Part Number Part Description
Spray Kit; 150mm - 320mm
Spray Kit; 320mm - 550mm
Spray Kit; 550mm - 950mm