Oil Transfer Pumps & Dispense Packages

Graco's broad families of flexible pumps and packages are designed to handle all automotive and equipment fluid needs including oil, grease, DEF, coolant, window wash fluid and more. Our reliable pumps and packages are engineered to operate for years in demanding environments such as dealerships and service facilities. Available in pneumatic or electric options, our pumps have fewer moving parts, which translate into fewer repairs and less downtime.




Designed and Engineered to Last

We know you want reliable, robust and long-lasting products. That’s why we manufacture our electric and air-operated pumps and related parts with corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless steel and aluminium.

Expect High Performance from the Industry’s Most Trusted Pumps

You can also expect high performance from our family of Graco pumps and packages. Proven technologies are engineered into each pump and packaged together for an affordable and flexible solution.

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Apex oil transfer pump mounted on 55 gallon oil drum

Efficiently transfer synthetic and petroleum based-lubricants with Graco’s APEX™ and APEX On-Demand pumps. These durable pumping solutions are available in both AC and DC configurations—engineered with Graco’s industry-leading reliability.


Graco’s Dyna-Star® Series pumps provide reliable oil or grease bulk fluid transfer or automatic lubrication in a broad range of applications. This family of reliable and durable Graco pumps are available in pneumatic, hydraulic, or electric configurations.


Graco’s family of Fast-Ball® pumps and packages are designed to efficiently transfer oil. These air operated piston pumps feature an in-line design with fewer parts to minimise pump wear. Ideal for lower volume, short-run transfers.


For over 60 years, Graco Fire-Ball® pumps and packages have been a mainstay in the lubrication marketplace for durability and long life. Designed for the toughest applications, the Fire-Ball brand repeatedly outperforms and outlasts the competition.


The GT 750 36:1 pump was engineered to quickly transfer grease in numerous applications and changing environments. The large 19.05 cm (7.5-inch) air motor and pump lower combination allows the GT 750 pump to move the same amount of grease with up to four times fewer pump strokes.


Graco’s industry leading family of Husky™ AODD transfer pumps are designed for hard-working, high-performance environments. Available in a broad range of sizes and capabilities, we have one that will meet your needs.

Electric operated DEF pump and meter

Graco’s LD™ Blue pumps and packages for diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) are reliable, high-performance DEF solutions. Choose from configured packages with an electric or manual pump, or build a custom DEF system specific to your application.


Graco’s LD Series™ pumps and packages are designed and engineered to transfer synthetic and petroleum based oils, hydraulic fluids, transmission fluids or grease. These reliable, yet affordable, full-featured pumps and packages are available in 3:1 and 5:1 for oil and 50:1 for grease.


Graco offers a wide range of reliable manually operated oil and grease pumps and packages. These easy to install pumps and packages get you up and running quickly with several options to fit your application.


Graco’s NXT™ Check-Mate® pumps and packages for grease transfer offer the perfect combination of high performance and reliability. These durable pumps are time tested, proven performers—able to move large amounts of grease per minute.


Field-proven NXT™ Dura-Flo® pumps and packages for oil transfer give you the best value for your money. With field proven long-lasting durability, Graco’s NXT Dura-Flo pumps and packages outlast the competition year after year.


When you need to move large amounts of oil fast, Graco’s NXT™ High-Flo® pumps and packages give you the best value for your money.


Hydraulic Power-Star pumps provide reliable, quiet, ice-free performance at maximum pressure and low flow rate. These pumps are up to three times more energy efficient than comparable compressed air-systems.


Graco’s SD™ Blue pumps and packages for diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) are robust, superior performing DEF solutions. Designed to minimise downtime and dispense materials quickly without compromising chemical integrity.

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