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Intuitive automotive shop and car garage equipment solutions for modern vehicle service operation

Maximise profits and improve efficiency

For auto dealerships and vehicle service garages, bulk fluid management is critical for realizing maximum profitability. Graco’s automotive shop equipment helps you develop a seamlessly connected shop to gain insight, control and reporting on your fluids, and allows you to make smarter decisions to drive increased operational efficiencies.

Achieve greater accountability and inventory control

You need to see where every drop of fluid goes to more accurately bill customers, hold technicians accountable and improve reordering. Graco’s bulk oil, coolant, water, and windshield wash systems give you visibility into your fluid usage and tank levels in an intuitive online data management system.

Leverage a power brand in vehicle service equipment

Graco’s legacy is built on developing new technology to drive increased profitability for our customers. We pride ourselves in delivering premium products paired with the best customer service in the industry. And we back our products with best-in-class warranties to give you peace of mind and ensure long-term investment protection.

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Explore our vehicle service innovations

Graco offers industry-leading solutions, like Pulse® Pro Fluid Management System, which is developed from our unparalleled investment in engineering and technology innovation. When it comes to automotive service equipment, trust proven Graco solutions.

Vehicle service image showing a service shop, transfer pump, fluid management solutions, hose reel, cord reel, fluid drain, oil evacuation, meters, and dispense guns for oil, antifreeze, ATF and other bulk fluids.
Roll around drums Roll around drums Roll around drums

Roll around drums

  • Dispense fluids anywhere in your facility
  • Electric and hydraulic pumps available to meet your specific requirements
  • Pre-made kits designed for easy ordering
Hose reels Hose reels Hose reels

Hose reels

  • Designed for applications from small shops to large car and truck dealerships
  • Handles common shop fluids: grease, oil, hydraulic fluids, transmission fluids, gear oil, air, water, windshield wash fluid and DEF
  • Multiple size reels to accommodate required hose lengths for your shop

Dispense guns & meters Dispense guns & meters Dispense guns & meters
Graco SD electronic shop fluid meter

Dispense guns & meters

  • Long-lasting products for harsh environments
  • Designed to handle a variety of materials
  • Made for dealerships, small repair shops, fleet maintenance
Evacuation pumps Evacuation pumps Evacuation pumps

Evacuation pumps

Graco offers evacuation pumps designed for multiple fluid types.

  • UL approved AODD pumps
  • Approved for all motor oils, petrol, diesel fuel and blends up to 10% ethanol
  • Flow rates of up to 50 gallons per minute
Bulk fluid pumps Bulk fluid pumps Bulk fluid pumps

Bulk fluid pumps

  • Fewer moving parts means less downtime and low repair costs
  • Multiple pumps to meet your needs for low, medium or high volume applications
  • Industry-leading performance, reliability and durability
Bulk fluid management Bulk fluid management Bulk fluid management

Bulk fluid management

  • An intuitive fluid inventory system that captures every transaction so you have a detailed dispense history of every ounce of oil
  • Increase efficiency by eliminating paperwork
  • Make more informed decisions around inventory and shop processes with increased data at your fingertips
Fluid drains Fluid drains Fluid drains

Fluid drains

Graco offers roll-around drains designed for multiple fluid types.

  • Up to a 26 gallon capacity
  • Oil, antifreeze and coolant compliant
  • Ability to integrate into existing fast lube track systems

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Bulk fluid management

Use fluid management systems to monitor your consumption and improve your inventory control. Our solutions empower you to dispense precise volumes of oil, monitor tank levels and generate analytics to improve profitability and simplify decision-making.


Automotive service equipment

We have got you covered for automotive shop equipment. From cord reels, dispense guns and meters to hose reels, pumps and dispense packages, our solutions help you increase production and decrease downtime and waste.

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Custom solutions

Custom solutions

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