What is advanced fluid management?

Did you know an advanced fluid management system can drastically reduce costs in your workshop?

Managing fluids such as oil and coolant is a constant challenge for every workshop. Keeping track of inventory levels, making sure the correct fluid is used, allocating used fluids to the right customer order, … An advanced fluid management system does it all for you.

Many workshops find on average, 12% of the total oil volumes in a workshop is lost and cannot be charged. The same goes for other fluids such as coolants, gear lubes and antifreeze. And not only spilled fluids cause hidden costs. Poor tracking and inefficient billing processes can also have a negative impact on your gross margin. However, an advanced fluid management system can help you to reduce spillage and optimize your fluid management.

A lot has changed over the last decades

Over the years, there have been a lot of changes in service workshops. Thanks to the innovations in digital technology and the constant race for more cost efficiency, the typical workshop has gone through many changes:

  • Technological improvements were made
  • Technicians need to be more and more skilled
  • Tablets, scanners and computer software programs were introduced
  • Managers need to stay on top of all these advancements
  • Oil costs have increased

But dispensing often remained the same

Despite of all innovations, some things still remain the same as a few decades ago. Technicians still need to dispense fluids like oils, gear lube, coolants and antifreeze. The challenges that come with it, are still relevant today.

From keeping track of inventory levels and making sure the correct fluid is used, to allocating the used fluids to the right customer order. These daily tasks require the right tools, knowledge and time, and unfortunately there are a lot of things that could go wrong …


The biggest workshop fluid management challenges that every workshop faces:

On the work floor:

  • Technicians using the wrong fluid
  • Loss or displacement of fluids
  • Technicians using too much fluid
  • Dispensing guns or pipes that leak
  • Technicians spilling fluids

In the office:


How a fluid management system helps you to improve efficiency and profitability

Efficient fluid management starts with knowing what is happening on the work floor. Only when you have the right information, you can start optimizing your processes.


Make sure you are able to answer the five W’s for every dispense job:

  1. WHO performed the dispense?
  2. WHY and how much fluid was dispensed?
  3. WHERE in the facility did the dispense take place?
  4. WHEN did the dispense occur?
  5. WHICH specific fluid was dispensed?

An advanced fluid management system helps you to answer all the above questions, eliminating all guesswork. It is the first step to more efficient processes on the workfloor and in the office, leading to important cost reductions, year after year.

Want to learn more about the benefits of a fluid management system and how it will benefit your gross margin? Read the article 5 ways advanced fluid management will reduce costs and labor expenses.

Drive profitability and optimize your workflows with Pulse

Graco’s Pulse Fluid Management System is specifically designed to drive profitability and increase efficiency in workshops. It makes fluid dispensing, tracking, and billing operations more efficient and streamlined.

4 logical reasons why you should switch to Graco’s Pulse Fluid Management System:

  • It is the most comprehensive, convenient and easy-to-use fluid management system on the market.
  • It is designed specifically to address today’s most pressing fluid management challenges.
  • It allows you to bring accountability to your workshop by automatically controlling dispenses.
  • It integrates seamlessly with your Dealer Management System and is fully scalable to your needs.

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