How a fluid management system works and will improve your workflow

A fluid management system is all about efficiency and ease-of-use.

A fluid management system brings efficiency to your workshop by facilitating automatic dispense control. It integrates seamlessly with your Dealer Management System and is fully scalable to your needs. With no wires or extra software installation required, your fluid management system is up and running in no time.


One of the biggest challenges of a modern workshop is managing fluids such as oil, gear lube, antifreeze and coolant. Tracking inventory levels, allocating the right amount of the right fluid to the right customer order, avoiding spills, … Every workshop owner should optimize the fluid dispensing and billing processes in his workshop, as they are responsible for a big part of the total working costs.


Manual fluid dispensing

Are you still performing manual fluid dispensing in your workshop? Then you risk losing a significant part of your annual fluid volume. Many workshops find on average, 12% of the total oil volumes in a workshop is lost and cannot be charged because of inefficient manual fluid dispensing. Not to mention the time-consuming billing process that goes along with it.

Advanced fluid management helps you to tackle all your fluid dispensing challenges.


Automatic fluid dispensing: What you need

An advanced fluid management system can help you to reduce spillage and optimize your fluid management. It does not even have to be difficult. With only three basic components and without extra software installation or wiring, your fluid management system can be up and running in no time.


Basic Components

  • Hub: Wireless communication hub that communicates with all Pulse devices.
  • Software: User-friendly online software accessible via PC, tablet or phone.
  • Dispense Meter: Ergonomic gun to correctly dispense one fluid. It stops automatically, once the pre-programmed amount of fluid has been dispensed.

Optional components

  • Tank Level Monitor: Ultrasonic sensor that records tank levels automatically.
  • Pump Air Controller: Controller that shuts off air to the pump automatically when not in use.
  • Extender and Remote Extender: Device that extends the reach of the Pulse network throughout your facility.
  • Roll around: Sturdy drum cart to transport containers to the dispense site easily.

Automatic fluid dispensing: How it works

An advanced fluid management system integrates seamlessly with your Dealer Management System and is fully scalable to your needs. It is very easy to implement and use in your workshop.


1.   Work order

Every dispense starts with a work order. Create a work order in the software or directly into the Pulse Dispense Meter. The Pulse Hub communicates wireless with the Pulse Dispense Meters.


2.   Identification

The meter asks for a PIN code to know exactly who is doing the dispense. The technician enters his personal PIN code or uses his NFC tag, allowing him to select the right work order.


3.   Dispense

Once the work order is selected, the technician can pre-set the amount that he wants to dispense or just go ahead and start the dispense. When the technician hits activate on the screen, the Pump Air Controller will allow air to the pump, which allows the technician to complete the dispense.


4.   Tank levels

The Tank Level Monitor automatically measures the fluid level and alerts you when it’s low.

Watch the demo video on how to use Graco’s Pulse Pro Fluid Management System:



Automatic fluid dispensing: How it improves your workflow

An advanced fluid management system helps you to optimize your fluid management and improve your workflow on the work floor and in the back office.

  • Faster dispensing

A fluid management system automatically delivers the right fluid in the right amount. It avoids surprises, interruptions and delays, letting technicians spend more time serving customers. You can also equip your mobile dispense units and drums with advanced fluid management to speed up fluid dispensing.

  • Accurate billing

The system automatically assigns every ounce of fluid directly to a work order to simplify billing and maximize profit.

  • Valuable insights

Efficient fluid management starts with knowing what is happening on the work floor. An advanced fluid management system gives you detailed real-time information about every dispense performed on the work floor. The automatic and customized reports allow you to eliminate all guesswork and optimize your processes.

  • Guaranteed business continuity

The system allows you to activate automated emails to fluid suppliers, when fluid levels reach their minimum. That way, you never run out of fluid, avoiding unnecessary reconciliation, delays, downtime and costs.

  • Less manual paperwork

With labour being one of the biggest cost concerns, a fluid management system reduces time spent on inventory management, billing and manual paperwork.

  • System that grows with you

Graco’s Pulse Pro Fluid Management System can be fully customized to your workflow – whether your workshop is big or small, using an ERP/DMS system or not.


Ready to drive profitability and optimize your workflows?

Do you want to reduce unnecessary dispense costs and labour expenses in your workshop? Switch to Graco’s Pulse Fluid Management System. It is the most comprehensive, convenient and easy-to-use system on the market. Pulse is specifically designed to address you most pressing fluid management challenges and to optimize your workflows.

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