Renault Truck network chooses Pulse® Pro for service workshops

Graco’s fluid management system selected to drive profitability and optimize workflows.

In every truck service workshop, it’s vital that a system is in place to monitor precisely what type of fluid is being used, where it’s going, when it’s dispensed, and who’s performing the work. Why? Simply because on average 12% of the total oil volume is wasted – due to incorrect dispensing, leakages, spills etc. That’s a significant amount of money bleeding away unnecessarily. In addition to the waste, there are many other effects that reduce efficiency of a service workshop. How do you know when to schedule refills? How do you know how much to invoice your customer for?

To provide accurate answers to questions such as these, the Renault Trucks service network in France has standardized on the Graco Pulse® Pro fluid management system. One of the key decision-makers was Remi Lopez, IT Manager, Renault Trucks. “I chose to present the Graco Pulse® Pro solution to the Renault Trucks network because I found it an innovative solution that is easy to implement and suitable for all types of lubricants such as oils, diesel exhaust fluids and AdBlue, as well as all types of containers and mobile drums.”

Another key reason for this choice is that Pulse® Pro integrates seamlessly with the Renault Trucks Dealer Management System (RTDMS). This means no extra software has to be installed at any of the Renault Trucks workshops, avoiding excessive installation costs and delays, and giving immediate access to work orders and reporting tools on one platform.


One workshop in closeup

One of the most recent implementers of the Graco Pulse® Pro system in the Renault Trucks service network is the Bernard Trucks workshop in Metz, France, which opened its doors for the first time in May 2019. It repairs up to 25 trucks a day.

“The Graco Pulse® Pro system was exceptionally easy to install, set-up and start running,” says Giovanni Maggipinto, Workshop Manager, Bernard Trucks Metz. “Our technicians were immediately able to use the new lubrication dispense meters.”

At Bernard Trucks Metz, Pulse® Pro operates on a low powered, wireless device network that interconnects the handheld smart dispense meters, pump controllers and tank level monitors. Pulse® Pro creates and manages this network through the Pulse® Hub, which is a single board computer than runs a custom, Linux-based operating system. This hardware forms the device network, runs the Pulse® Pro application that controls the Pulse® Pro devices and hosts a webpage in the main office for user interaction with the system. To allow end users to easily access the Hub from their own PCs and devices, the Hub is connected to the local LAN.

Bernard Trucks Metz sees benefits of the Pulse® Pro in different areas:

  1. Inventory management: With the Pulse® Pro system, the workshop has realized more efficient stock management. It is configured to send alerts when tank levels are low, which means that the workshop never runs out of stock or has supply issues.
  2. Transparency: Another benefit of Pulse® Pro being fully integrated with the workshop’s ERP system – RTDMS – is that all information is shared between both systems. This allows total transparency on the quantity and quality of specific fluid used on work orders, and eliminates any possibility of forgetting what lubricant has been used on which vehicles.
  3. Mobility: To increase the efficiency of workshop repairs, mobile 200-liter drums are used for fluids and other specialty oils. Pulse® Pro keeps track and accurately reports on all dispenses from these mobile drums.
  4. Accurate billing: Every milliliter of fluid can now be automatically and directly assigned to a work order to simplify billing and maximize profit margins.
  5. Simplicity: The system enables the workshop to avoid surprises, interruptions and delays. It allows technicians to spend more time in the service bay – serving more customers.

“Overall, Pulse® Pro is an innovative, efficient, and highly reliable solution,” says Giovanni Maggipinto. “Here at the Metz site we are proud to be equipped with it.”

Technical specifications

The Pulse® Pro Fluid Management System is compatible with petroleum and synthetic based oils (including automatic transmission fluid and gear lube), anti-freeze and windshield wash solvent. It is certified for interfacing with common dealer management software providers such as Reynolds & Reynolds®, CDK Global®, Procede Software, Dealertrack, RTDMS, PBS Systems and X-Power. However, Pulse® Pro doesn’t have to interface with an ERP system; it can be totally stand-alone. Software access is via all major web browsers. It operates on 100-240 VAC line voltage for wired products and AA alkaline batteries for battery powered devices.


More information

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