Pulse FC - Fluid Control

With Pulse® FC, dispense only precise volumes to create efficiencies for your entire vehicle or fleet service operation. Monitor how much fluid you’re using. Choose the amount of fluid each technician can dispense. Maintain accurate inventory. Streamline processes to improve productivity and uncover hidden profitability while adding transparency to everyday tasks.


Pulse FC Software

  • Accurately track the amount of fluid dispensed.
  • Data is captured automatically.
  • Simple reports including fluid levels and dispenses can be printed at any time to make fast, informed decisions regarding billing, inventory, staffing and more.

Pulse FC Programmer

  • Enjoy an easy-to-install, easy-to-use out-of-the-box fluid control system designed for fast, wire-free setup and configuration.
  • Easily pre-program Pulse FC fluid cards to dispense only the correct fluid and authorised amount, minimising dispense errors and gaining optimal profitability.

Pulse FC Fluid Cards

  • Technicians are given pre-populated fluid cards to scan directly on the SD preset meter’s built-in NFC reader.
  • There is no limit to the number of cards that can be issued at any given time — nor the amount of fluid that can be dispensed.
  • Cards can be reprogrammed at any time.

SD Preset Dispense Meter

  • Simply scan pre-programmed fluid cards on the meter’s interface screen to begin dispensing.
  • Once the pre-programmed amount of fluid has been dispensed, the meter stops automatically.
  • See the exact amount of fluid pumped on the easy-to-read LCD screen.
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Roll Around

  • Dispense fluids anywhere in your shop without compromising security or productivity.
  • Unlike box systems, Pulse FC allows technicians the freedom to transport 200 L (55 gallon) containers to any dispense site easily without assistance or delays.
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