Mining Solutions

Drive non-stop mining productivity and mitigate risk in quarry operations

Prevent Sudden, Costly Mining Equipment Downtime

There’s no stopping in the 24/7 world of mining. Just one hour of downtime can cost €10,000 for an idle truck and up to €50,000 for an immobilized shovel. Graco mining solutions are built to keep equipment running and simplify service work for a positive impact on your bottom line.

Elevate Mine Safety and Gain Peace of Mind

Mine safety is one of your top priorities. Yet performing mining truck maintenance can lead to dangerous working conditions. Graco mining solutions deliver automation and connectivity which means less manual intervention, more visibility and better mine safety.

Improve Haulage Efficiencies and Create a Smart Mining Operation

Always-on, high-performing mining equipment means increased productivity and maximum tonnage per hour. With Graco systems on board your machines and in your service workshops, you’ll be prepared for the latest in smart mining operations.

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Explore Our Mining Innovations

Graco offers industry-leading solutions, developed from our unparalleled investment in engineering and technology innovation. When it comes to mining equipment repair and maintenance solutions, trust proven Graco solutions.

Mining image showing a mining workshop, processing facility, conveyor belt and crusher, electric shovel, haul trucks, lube trucks, excavators, dozer, wheel loaders and grader.
On-Vehicle Automatic Lubrication Solutions On-Vehicle Automatic Lubrication Solutions On-Vehicle Automatic Lubrication Solutions

On-Vehicle Automatic Lubrication Solutions

Graco offers a complete line of automatic lubrication systems that increases chassis component life and reduces downtime. A central pump and grease reservoir feeds grease to a metering device that accurately doses the grease in a predetermined, measured amount to each lube point.

Graco’s automatic lubrication system constantly replenishes grease as it’s used. Critical wear surfaces are protected and grease seals are maintained, preventing dirt and other contaminants from entering your pins, bearings and bushings.


Mining Workshop Solutions Mining Workshop Solutions Mining Workshop Solutions

Mining Workshop Solutions

Fluid Dispense

Graco offers many pumps, hose reels, dispense meters and fluid monitoring tools to dispense oil and grease to the earth-movers, service trucks and other vehicles onsite. Crews with Graco equipment can swap old fluids for new quickly and safely whether onsite, in the workshop or at the processing plant. In addition, Graco solutions expedite the removal of unwanted oils, greases, water and other waste material.

Fluid Control, Fluid Management & Tank Level Monitoring

As automation engulfs the mining industry, crews can use data and other information instead of their hands to improve performance and avoid downtime. They can track bulk fluid dispenses in real time and confirm the correct type and volume of fluid is used for optimal machine lubrication. Every dispense can be assigned directly to individual crews, locations, machines, tanks and more, so you can follow where every dollar is going.

Mining Processing Plant Solutions Mining Processing Plant Solutions Mining Processing Plant Solutions

Mining Processing Plant Solutions

There are many processing operations — including communition, sorting, separation and dewatering — and they’re all automated to improve productivity. Use Graco solutions to expedite workflows and maintain efficiency throughout your processing plant. Lubricate the massive, heavy-duty machines consistency and safely and simplify fluid management for your entire fleet.

Lube Truck Solutions Lube Truck Solutions Lube Truck Solutions

Lube Truck Solutions

When moving hundreds of tons of earth every hour, your profitability is measured by every second of downtime. Rely on Graco service truck solutions to dispense oil and grease to shovels, haul trucks, dozers and other mining and quarry equipment quickly and safely.


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Automatic Lubrication Solutions

Stay ahead of mining truck maintenance with industry-leading automatic lubrication solutions. Our automatic lubrication solutions add the right amount of grease at just the right time so you can focus on other work that drives your smart mining operation forward.


Fluid Handling & Workshop Solutions

Graco offers a complete line of fluid handling solutions for your mining workshop. Our pumps and packages and fluid tracking systems move, measure, control and dispense fluids for more precise, efficient mining equipment repair and truck maintenance.

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Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

Contact Graco and tell us about the challenges you face in the mine or service workshop. We offer a free site analysis and can recommend and build a solution specific to your needs.

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Find a Distributor

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