5 ways advanced fluid management will reduce costs and labour expenses

Fluid management reduces hidden costs and labour expenses, while increasing efficiency.

In a traditional workshop with manual dispensing, there are a lot of hidden costs that stay under the radar. Fluid spillage, long dispensing times, inefficient work order follow-up and billing, … An advanced fluid management system eliminates these expensive shortcomings from your workshop.


Do you know how much of your fluids goes unaccounted for due to duplicate fluid changes, human error, spills, or maybe even theft? Well, you should! Only when you know the ins and outs of your current fluid dispensing method, you can start optimizing your fluid management. It can save you thousands of euros per year.


5 ways advanced fluid management will reduce costs and labour expenses

In many workshops, a significant amount of valuable fluid is being lost in more than one way. Technicians using too much fluid, leaking dispensing guns, spills, …Every time you spill fluid, your profit is leaking away with it. Not only on the work floor, but also in the back office, inefficient fluid management can lead to unnecessary costs and labour expenses.

There are five important ways an advanced fluid management system will reduce costs and labour expenses in your workshop.


1.   No more fluid loss

Many workshops find on average 12% of the total oil volume in any workshop gets lost, remaining uncharged. In a workshop with an annual oil consumption of 10.000 liters, this results in a total loss of aproximately 10.000 euro.

An advanced fluid management system avoids duplicate changes, human errors and spillage.


2.   Less dispensing time

A fluid management system automatically delivers the right fluid in the right amount. It avoids surprises, interruptions and delays, letting technicians spend more time serving customers. Equip your mobile dispense units and drums with advanced fluid management to reduce extra steps and hassle on the work floor.


3.   No more incorrect billing

Every ounce of fluid is automatically assigned to the right work order to simplify billing and maximize profit. When technician mistakes do occur, all dispense are recorded.


4.   No more manual administration

With labour being one of the biggest cost concerns, fluid management systems can reduce or eliminate time spent on inventory reconciliation, billing and manual paperwork..


5.   No more downtime

A fluid management system monitors bulk fluid tank levels. It avoids that you run out of fluid, eliminating downtime and providing a more efficient and safer way to handle full waste oil tanks.

Drive profitability and optimize your workflows with Pulse

Graco’s Pulse Fluid Management System is specifically designed to drive profitability and increase efficiency in workshops. It makes fluid dispensing, tracking, and billing operations more efficient and streamlined.

4 logical reasons why you should switch to Graco’s Pulse Fluid Management System:

  • It is the most comprehensive, convenient and easy-to-use fluid management system on the market.
  • It is designed specifically to address today’s most pressing fluid management challenges.
  • It allows you to bring accountability to your workshop by automatically controlling dispenses.
  • It integrates seamlessly with your Dealer Management System and is fully scalable to your needs.

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