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InvisiPac Marketing Alliance Co-op Program



What is the Marketing Alliance Co-Op Program?

The program is a cooperative arrangement in which Graco engages and shares expenses with you, our InvisiPac distributors. The goal of the program is to build brand awareness and customer demand for InvisiPac products using targeted marketing activities, including trade shows, tech days, website developments, literature and advertisements.


How do I participate?

To request Marketing Co-Op dollars, you must complete two forms. First, before you begin your event, complete and submit the InvisiPac Marketing Alliance Pre-Authorization Form. Graco will notify you via email within 10 days with our intent to reimburse the amount requested. Second, you will need to complete the Post-Event Reimbursement Validation within four weeks of the conclusion of your event.


InvisiPac PreAuthorization Button

*Co-op is defined as cooperative engagement / expense. Graco will split the cost 50/50 in promoting Graco products. Amount credited is up to the discretion of Graco. Graco reserves the right to deny credit to any co-op marketing activity at any time. Advanced InvisiPac distributors are eligible for up to $5,000 co-op dollars per calendar year. Specialized InvisiPac distributors are eligible for up to $3,000 co-op dollars per calendar year. Co-Op funds will be issued as a credit to your Graco distributor account. No credit will be issued without proper documentation. No post-dated Marketing Activities qualify for Co-Op dollars from Graco. Co-Op dollar Pre-Authorization Forms must be submitted before November 28, 2014 and the activity must take place before December 31, 2014. Example of Co-Op fund request: Distributor XYZ exhibits at Pack Expo and the cost of their trade show booth is $3,000. The co-op amount requested is 50% of the expense or $1,500. Each marketing activity requires new forms to be completed. Contact Katie Brockhaus, AFTD Channel Marketing, 612-623-6399 with questions.