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Graco Expands Its Line of XP Sprayers

MINNEAPOLIS — Graco recently launched several new sprayers to round out its line of plural-component protective coatings sprayers. Graco XP™ Sprayers provide on-ratio, excellent spray quality for fast-curing materials and provide a quick return on investment for contractors who switch from hand mixing. Materials are proportioned by precision positive displacement pumps and mixed accurately and on-ratio at the mix manifold.

“The beauty of these sprayers is that it eliminates guesswork for contractors who are hot-potting,” says Eric Rennerfeldt, Graco’s Product Marketing Manager for protective coatings equipment. “The accuracy of measuring and mixing reduces material waste and rework.”

Engineered for high flow capacity, the new Graco XP50™ is ideal for jobs requiring more volume. It allows the end user to spray with multiple guns or larger tip sizes and is rated at 4500 to 5000 psi (310 to 345 bar).

Optimized for quick-setting hybrid and elastomeric urethane coatings, new Graco XP50™ Quick-set Packages have a remote mix manifold with fluid pressure gauges and solvent valves for both A and B components. 

The new Graco XP35™ Plural-Component Sprayer is built for low-pressure airless spray applications (3500 psi/241 bar) and materials such as medium viscosity epoxies and slower-setting urethane topcoats. It is ideal for mix-at-gun materials.

The new Graco XP-h™ Hydraulic Plural-Component Sprayer is ideal for truck, palletized, trailer or flatbed systems that have on-board hydraulic power.  The XP-h handles protective coatings, epoxies, urethanes and OEM traffic marking materials.

These new sprayers join the original Graco XP70™ Plural-Component Sprayer, a high-pressure (7250 psi/500 bar) plural component sprayer for high-viscosity, high-solids coatings.

For more information on the Graco XP line, visit or call 800-746-1334.

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