Graco Brands

Graco owns a portfolio of brands to support our key growth strategies of investing in innovative new products, targeting new markets and applications, making strategic acquisitions and expanding geographically.



Families of paint sprayers designed for residential and commercial work, line stripers, texture sprayers and accessories.

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High-quality spray equipment accessories for everyone from the do-it-yourselfer to the professional painting contractor. ASM’s portfolio of products includes paint, texture and pressure washer accessories.

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RentalPro's family of pressure washers, airless paint and texture sprayers offers a complete line of spray equipment designed and built for the rental industry.

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Smith makes and sells scarifying and grinding equipment for both interior and exterior surface preparation for striping, road construction, road maintenance and concrete flooring applications.

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Vehicle Service & Heavy Equipment


Professional automotive refinishers choose Sharpe's RAZOR spray guns for premium performance and Finex guns for overall value.

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Industrial, Manufacturing & Processing


A broad line of products and solutions designed for powder coating applications. Includes automatic booth systems, manual equipment and guns and powder management centers and hoppers.

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High Pressure Equipment

Valves, fittings, accessories, reactors, pressure vessels and pumping systems for high pressure applications in industries like oil and gas and chemical and petrochemical.

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QED Environmental Systems

Leading manufacturer of innovative environmental products. For over 35 years, its expertise has included pumping systems, landfill products and air strippers.

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White Knight Fluid Handling

White Knight specializes in fluid handling products and solutions that serve a range of narrow industries such as semiconductor manufacturing, solar cell fabrication, and displays, LEDs and electronics.

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Electric Torque Machines

ETM’s breakthrough in electric motor technology delivers unmatched torque and power density in a compact, efficient package. It’s electrifying systems and changing industries.

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