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New Graco Sprayer Provides Ratio Assurance for Fireproofing Coatings

Data reporting technology lets contractors confirm that epoxy intumescent coatings were sprayed accurately and on-ratio

MINNEAPOLIS – Graco Inc. (NYSE:GGG) When it comes to protecting structural steel from high-temperature hydrocarbon fires, it is essential that passive fire protection (PFP) materials are applied properly and on-ratio. The new Graco XM™ PFP Plural-Component Sprayer, built specifically for epoxy intumescent coatings, offers data reporting technology so users can confirm that coatings are sprayed on-ratio, at parameters set by the material manufacturer.

“Ratio checking for epoxy intumescents is important and often times, documentation is required,” said Graco’s Eric Rennerfeldt, Product Marketing Manager, Protective Coatings Equipment. “With the system’s control technology and USB port, the mix ratio data is available for download, as well as other historical spraying data including fluid temperatures, spray pressure and total flow output. The system will also automatically shut down if off-ratio conditions occur.”

“The Graco XM PFP is easy to use, and is designed with high-performance heaters and temperature controls to spray the toughest epoxy intumescent materials,” added Rennerfeldt.

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