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Graco Inc. Launches New FieldLazer S90 Field Marking Machine

World’s First Battery-Powered, High-Pressure Airless Sports Field Marking System.

Graco Inc. (NYSE:GGG), a leader in professional field marking solutions, today launched an industry innovation with its FieldLazer S90 sports field marking machine. The FieldLazer S90 marking system is the industry’s first battery-powered, high-pressure airless sports field marking machine. It is an affordable, easy-to-use striping solution with proven Graco FieldLazer High-Pressure Airless Spray Technology that delivers professional, bright lines and reduces paint costs by up to 75%.

“The new Graco FieldLazer S90 marking system is a major development and a true game changer in the sports field marking industry,” said John Klesk, worldwide product marketing manager, Graco Contractor Equipment Division. “The FieldLazer S90 field marker is the first and only battery-powered, high-pressure airless field marking machine that delivers the quality demanded in professional sports and the ease-of-use and affordability needed for amateur sports field applications. The FieldLazer S90 marking system can literally pay for itself in one year of use.”

Professional quality and up to 75% reduction in paint costs

The efficient, high-performance FieldLazer S90 field marker delivers professional, bright, long-lasting lines for up to ten soccer fields or one football field on a full charge. The FieldLazer S90 marking system is powered by a 12V battery and features proven Graco FieldLazer High-Pressure Airless Spray Technology and precision spray tips that coat both sides of the grass blade (and not the ground) in a single pass with undiluted paint. This technology has been proven to reduce paint consumption and cost by up to 75% over aerosol and 50% over low-pressure technology. The FieldLazer S90 sports field marking machine is efficient, quiet and saves time and money in materials and maintenance while eliminating emissions and aerosol can waste.

Quick and easy to use every step of the way 

From set-up to clean-up, the walk-behind FieldLazer S90 field marking machine is built to make every job easy and fast -- just pour in paint and press the button to start. The Removable Tilt-N-Pour Six Gallon Paint Hopper minimizes refills and is easy to fill, remove and clean. The FieldLazer S90 marking system is compact and portable with an adjustable handlebar for comfortable spraying at all heights and for easy transport and storage.

Affordable Performance and Quality 

The FieldLazer S90 field marking machine is a wise investment that can pay for itself in one year in materials and time savings over aerosol or competitive low-pressure equipment. The FieldLazer S90 field marker is the only machine of its kind that delivers this level of performance and quality results for the price.

The Graco FieldLazer family of products is one of the industry’s most complete lines of field marking solutions with walk-behind, ride-on and stand-on equipment systems and accessories. Graco revolutionized the field marking industry when it introduced the first walk-behind, high-pressure, airless field paint sprayer in 2004. Today, there is a Graco FieldLazer machine for most field sizes and applications.

All Graco FieldLazer field marking systems feature proven Graco FieldLazer High-Pressure Airless Spray Technology for cost-saving, brighter and longer-lasting lines. Each FieldLazer model is engineered with turf-specific tires that reduce vibration and fatigue while producing long, straight lines over any field terrain. Optional accessories are available to customize each FieldLazer striper and meet the needs of every field marking professional.

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