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Graco Announces Additions to LubePro Pump Series

Advanced Technology Provides Added Efficiencies

MINNEAPOLIS (Aug. 16, 2016) – Graco Inc. (NYSE: GGG), a leading manufacturer of fluid handling equipment, is pleased to announce the addition of the A2800 vertical oil and A2900 vertical grease pumps to the LubePro series of injector-based automatic lubrication pumps. These new vertical pumps complement the current offering of vertical and horizontal LubePro pumps with breakthrough performance and durability in a more compact size and a lower price point.

Improper lubrication of machinery can cause component failure and downtime, resulting in unplanned maintenance expenses and loss of production. LubePro series pumps offer a robust solution where high output and fast lubrication cycles are needed to optimally lubricate equipment while it’s working, providing plant managers with the tools to keep up with production demands and reduce operating costs.

“The A2800 and A2900 LubePro pumps use the same field-proven venting technology we designed into the Horizontal LubePro,” said Andrew Gerlach, Graco’s Industrial Lubrication Equipment Product Marketing Manager. “LubePro series pumps also come with an optional factory-installed, low-level sensor, eliminating a cumbersome field install.” The new A2800 and A2900 LubePro pumps are ideal for lubricating machines in the stamping, can production, glass production, machine tool, tire production and automation industries. 

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