Graco Inc.

Graco's Wins Distinguished Challengers Award

ProMix PD2K Wins Second Award for Product Innovation

August 28, 2014 -- MINNEAPOLIS, MN -- Graco Inc. (NYSE:GGG), a leading manufacturer of fluid handling equipment, is pleased to announce that it has been awarded the prestigious Challengers Distinguished Achievement Award at the International Woodworking Fair (IWF) in Atlanta, GA.

The Graco ProMix PD2K was one of seven winners recognized for developing innovative technology in products, services, or manufacturing techniques that advance the woodworking industry. “Being able to mix closer to the spray guns makes for a "significantly smaller" flush zone,” said Blake Erickson, Graco Worldwide Product Marketing Manager. “This allows wood finishers to use less paintand spend less on disposal costs, and changing colors becomes less of a burden because it can be completed in much less time. This also means that there is less mixed material in the system – making the ProMix PD2K a good solution for short pot life materials.”

Developed using 100% positive displacement technology, the ProMix PD2K poportioner produces accurate mix ratios (within 1 percent accuracy) and more consistent pump performance. Because the ProMix PD2K can be equipped with either two or four dosing pumps, it can manage up to 30 colors and four catalysts. It also allows customers to proportion both epoxy and urethane using one system, rather than using multiple units to achieve the same result.

“This proportioner is very easy to set up and maintain. It handles various inbound pressures and viscosities without touchy fine-tuning," said Erickson.  "And unlike gear pumps, the ProMix PD2K has positive displacement precision dosing pumps that do not require factory rebuilds and can be serviced in the field in less than 20 minutes."

“We are proud and honored to receive this recognition. It is the second award the ProMix PD2K has received for product innovation. Last year it won the Visionary New Product Award in the Green/Environmental Category at AWFS.” said Jerry Powaser, Graco Sales and Marketing Director. “This product allows finishers to reduce solvent use and mixed material waste by up to 80 percent compared to traditional electronic proportioners. Our customers get very excited when we show them the ROI.”

Both the Challengers Award and the Visionary New Product Award recognize companies for product innovation, quality and ingenuity.


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