Paint Sprayer Accessories

Time-saving paint sprayer tools help you get the most out of your Graco sprayer. With extended reach tools, high volume rolling solutions, additional tips and more, you’ll be more efficient and complete any project in even less time by customising your sprayer with genuine Graco paint sprayer accessories.

Faster And Easier Painting Projects


Top quality DeWalt® batteries and chargers provide the power you need to keep spraying longer so you can finish your projects faster.


Extend your reach and eliminate ladder hassles to safely spray hard-to-reach areas like high walls, vaulted ceilings, decks, railings and soffits with Graco’s full line of extended reach accessories.


The easiest way to maximise spray performance, extend the life of your equipment and get the professional quality finish you want is to use genuine Graco filters and strainers in your sprayers and guns.


Available in 7.6 and 15 m (25 and 50 ft) lengths, Graco DuraFlex airless hoses are durable, flexible and designed to ensure you get the best results from your airless sprayer. Always check your sprayer for the maximum hose length supported.


Genuine Graco liners and containers help keep materials fresh, flowing properly to your Graco sprayer and make clean up simple. Keep an extra system handy to make switching between colours or materials quick and easy.


Easily replace your pump in a matter of minutes to avoid downtime and finish faster with Graco’s fast and easy pump replacement systems. Available on Pro Series sprayers (ProX and TC Pro).


Stop wasting time and dealing with the mess caused by dipping rollers in a paint tray. Pressure Rollers let you keep rolling to finish jobs faster and will ensure that you achieve a quality finish when paired with our top quality roller covers.


Choosing the right tip will determine the quality of your finish and help you save a significant amount of time and money. Graco tips are easy to identify so you use less material and finish your projects faster.


Keep your sprayer in excellent condition and maximise your investment by always storing your sprayer in a genuine Graco storage case. Each case designed specifically for each sprayer and can include extra accessories for quicker project starts.


Extend the life of your sprayer by using the right maintenance fluids. Pump Armour prevents corrosion and ensures easy start up when your sprayer is not in use to maximise your investment.

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