Wind Energy Solutions

Extend wind turbine lifecycles and increase energy production with efficient wind power solutions

Reduce On-Shore and Off-Shore Operational Safety Risks

Your energy production should be climbing, not you. On-shore and off-shore wind farms require metered lubrication to prevent bearing failures or equipment damage. Graco solutions protect wind assets by accurately delivering lubrication to key points at the wind turbine generator, pitch and yaw, keeping wind technicians on the ground until regular maintenance is required.

Reliably Optimise Turbine Uptime and Energy Yield

Developed to meet stringent industry standards, Graco automatic lubrication solutions are equipped to perform alongside high efficiency wind turbines. From commercial operations to utility scale wind fleets, solutions are customised to maximise the lifespan of turbines and wind power energy production.

Simplified Service That Maximises Production

Turbine downtime is costly and depending on poor external resources is a frustrating experience. Graco’s A+ Service promise means whenever you contact us, no matter where you are in the world, we’ll work to resolve issues and answer questions as quickly as we can. Graco products are simple to service and backed by an industry leading warranty, ensuring total efficiency for turbines and entire wind power operations.

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Explore Our Wind Energy Innovations

Graco offers industry-leading solutions, developed from our unparalleled investment in engineering and technology innovation. When it comes to wind turbine maintenance, trust proven Graco wind energy solutions.

Automatic Lubrication Solutions

Prevent sudden downtime with proven automatic lubrication solutions and a partner you can trust. Our automatic lubrication solutions add the right amount of lubricant at just the right time to pitch and yaw gears and bearings, main bearings and other parts of your wind turbine operations to keep your equipment running.

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Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

Contact Graco and tell us about the challenges you face in your wind power operations. We offer a free site analysis and can recommend and build a solution specific to your needs.

Find a Distributor

Find a Distributor

Find a resource near you from our network of authorised distributors. Graco works closely with our distributors — providing extensive training and expertise — to ensure we’re always able to meet your unique needs.