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Graco lubrication solutions keep your heavy equipment up and running smoothly through the most demanding applications.

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The Basics

How to Choose the Right Off-Road Auto Lube System

Each type of heavy equipment has different component specifications that are required to make up an auto lube system that will properly supply the correct amounts of lubricant to each lube point at the correct time intervals. Learn about these specifications and components...

The Basics

Understanding the Basics of Automatic Lubrication Systems

Discover what components make up an automatic lubrication system.

Equipment Selection

Don’t Let Grease Guns Get In the Way of Improving Your Productivity

On the surface, manual grease guns and tubes of moly or synthetic grease may seem like a cost-effective solution for equipment lubrication, but you must factor in some important considerations when deciding what’s right for you.


Converting Existing Service Facilities to Fluid Management

Identifying misconceptions and planning the conversion for a fluid management system.

Success Stories

Top OEMs choose Graco auto lube systems

Graco’s automatic lubrication system has been designed for Komatsu’s wide range of equipment to reduce maintenance needs, increase production and extend the life of the machine by automatically applying the right amount of lubrication to each lube point.

The Basics

Lubrication contamination and the effect on pin bushings

When excessive contamination builds up between a pin and bushing surface, the rotation of the pin and the pressure load begins to dig contamination into the bronze bushing. Over time this contamination builds up and begins to restrict the movement of the pin by increasing friction.