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Graco offers a complete line of meter mix and dispense equipment for industrial bonding and assembly applications involving two-component composite materials. Engineered to the highest standards, Graco advanced dispensing technologies deliver accurate, on-ratio dispense of medium to high viscosity composite materials. Our solutions accurately process a variety of composite material volumes and temperature specifications.

Accurate, On-ratio Two-Component Composite Dispensing

Material Savings

Technology That Boosts Productivity

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Graco mix, meter and dispense systems incorporate pumps that can be rebuilt at your facility to eliminate costly external rebuilds and backup pumps. Modular designs help reduce maintenance costs while improving uptime and throughput.

Increased Confidence

Graco advanced technologies eliminate guesswork to make sure you hit a specific ratio and volume the first time and every time. Prominent visual indicators confirm on-ratio dispense so you can be confident with the consistency and quality of your final product.

Analyze Data for Continuous Improvement

Graco systems allow you to access and download process data for further analysis to continually refine your process, improve efficiencies and increase profitability.


System dozujący Graco Variable Ratio Paste Metering System (VPM) to hydrauliczne rozwiązanie pomiarowe ze zmiennymi proporcjami mieszania, które wykorzystuje pompy wyporowe do dozowania materiałów o wysokiej lepkości, takich jak pasty narzędziowe i kleje.


System dozujący Graco Variable Ratio Resin Metering System (VRM) jest hydraulicznym systemem dozowania o zmiennych proporcjach, który wykorzystuje pompy wyporowe do dozowania żywicy o dużym przepływie i dużej objętości.

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