Graco Inc.

GH™ Big Rig™ Sprayers - Large Gas Hydraulic Sprayers

GH 5040

For 30 years, contractors have turned to the GH line of gas hydraulic sprayers when they needed maximum performance and unmatched versatility. The tradition continues with the all new line of GH Big Rig sprayers.

High production architectural coatings, bridges, waterproofing and air barrier, roofing, fire proofing and protective & marine coatings: spray the most aggressive applications, without the need of an expensive air compressor to haul around!


GH™ Big Rig™ features

  • Rugged, Heavy-Duty Steel Frame with integrated lifting points and an easy conversion into a skid mount by moving the handle to the lower frame holes.
  • Heavy-Duty Hydraulic System: a faster, more responsive changeover, no hydraulic reset required and a field-proven, bullet proof cooling system.
  • The 250 liter Direct Immersion Kit and 55 liter Stainless Steel Material Hopper are optional, easy to install and offer maximum productivity.

Our new Big Rig™ range offers professional waterproofing, roofing and large residential painting contractors the ultimate portability, performance and versatility to get the job done!

Ultimate portability!
No air compressor to haul around, so no issues with air supply and air hoses, an elimination of air operated icing issues and less fuel consumption.

Maximum performance!
The proven 13 HP Honda engine with integrated fuel tank, now supplemented with an optional 12 volt, 18 amp high-capacity charging system and an electric start.

Extreme versatility!
Whether the job requires high pressure for long hose runs and hard-to-atomize materials, or high flow rates for maximum production, with the Quick Change Xtreme lowers it’s like having 5 pumps in one. This versatile system allows easy pump change-out in minutes and allows you to select different lowers for specific jobs.