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Long lasting durability with the upgraded Merkur pumps

Merkur pumps upgraded with Ultralife ceramic coating for improved durability

Merkur lower components now have the Ultralife Series ceramic coating. This increases pump life and protection against abrasive materials. At a minimum, Ultralife will double the life of Merkur’s rod and piston.

In addition, Merkur’s throat and piston packings, which have a unique blend of PTFE/UHMWPE materials, have been upgraded to be more resilient to high temperatures caused by pump runaway.

From now on, Merkur pumps and spray packages have the new coatings and packings (except Merkur Bellows and Merkur ES). The components are 100% compatible and interchangeable between new and installed Merkur lowers. For identification, the displacement rod has a groove to identify it as Ultralife coating. Part numbers have not changed for the new components, pump lowers, or spray packages.